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MrGunny94  +   1057d ago
Neverwinter i've been waiting for this for years!
Christopher  +   1056d ago
Been in alpha/beta for a while. I think a lot of people here will like this MMO. Utilizes 4e D&D rules and they work well for this type of game (better than 3.5, though I'd still rather play 3.5 in a PnP game).
saikorican  +   1057d ago
This looks interesting.
krazyacid  +   1057d ago
I'll check it out
Noctis  +   1057d ago
great, I love testing MMOs :)
ironhulk13  +   1057d ago
I'd love to try.
legacy7126  +   1057d ago
Ive missed out every alpha/beta so far...
I really look into this game and i love to test them out!
pythonxz  +   1057d ago
I will actually give feedback and bug reports, unlike most.
Zodiac  +   1057d ago
Love me some D&D.
pandehz  +   1057d ago
This BETA beta begood
RavenWolfx  +   1057d ago
I would love to have a key!
anderssc  +   1057d ago
seems like a good deal to me
Demose36  +   1057d ago
Sweet! Looks Awesome!
Spazz  +   1057d ago
I'll try it.
darkcloud8988  +   1057d ago
looks so awesome!
Drummerdude41  +   1057d ago
KEy me PLZ!
iNMyFiN4LH0uR  +   1057d ago
Looks sweet!
armyofcarrion  +   1057d ago
Free beta keys :D, I want to see what the game is.
FunkMasterMike  +   1057d ago
Oh dip, hope I get a key
charlieja82  +   1057d ago
This game looks like fun!
BadWookie  +   1057d ago
Can't wait to see where they've taken the franchise!
SinaMK  +   1057d ago
looks pretty damn awesome! here's my comment lmao
Ilovetheps4  +   1057d ago
Can I please get a key? I've been wanting to try this game out for a while.

jAyy  +   1057d ago
Sounds like a fun game ;D
tdogg87  +   1057d ago
Can i have a key please. This game looks interesting and i would like to try it out
Letros  +   1057d ago
Neverwinter!!! Thanks Cat!
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Caden517  +   1057d ago
Would love the key, thanks :D
Beahmscream  +   1057d ago
Me please <3?:))) Thanks
Elwenil  +   1057d ago
Count me in, please.
spatt  +   1057d ago
I will take a key please and thank you very much if selected!
peaceful82  +   1057d ago
I can't wait to play this game!!!!!!
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