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jessupj  +   1086d ago
I agree.

The first rule of journalism is to get both sides. Academic feminists never seem to do that and they wonder why a lot of people don't take them seriously.

The very fact that they don't bother looking at the male side of sexism is sexist in it's self.
flyingmunky  +   1086d ago
Thought provoking and well written; a nice change of pace from the bulk of articles on this site.

Still the reason why people are drawn to video games to begin with is to escape the ordinary. No one wants to play as a weak nerd boy or as an diabetic fat girl, those are highly unattractive. People want to be the cool guy that is so buff he can chop a car in half with his bare hand, or an attractive girl with gravity defying assets that can snipe a dime at 100 yards.

Also the reason ultimately why anything is the way it is in games is because of sales. Games developers live or die by their sales and so they must cater to the fan base or become jobless. While it is true that you can make popular games without the 'fantasy' male/female form, it is also very difficult. It is much easier to play into the popular stereotypes than to create a unique and defining art style for characters.

I don't blame game developers for trying to cater to the primary target audience (males) but I will always try to support releases that break the mold.
DragonKnight  +   1085d ago
Completely agree with you. Games aren't meant to be social or political commentary, they are meant to be entertainment and escapism. The problem is that, as with the other forms of entertainment that had to endure these onslaughts, people with too much time on their hands and an unsatisfactory life will always find some reason to complain. This kind of thing has and still does happen to books, movies, television, music, paintings, etc..

I think humanity needs to mature a bit more and learn to pick our battles.
Deadpool616  +   1086d ago
That was a good read. You proved your point as well. Good job.
ShaunCameron  +   1085d ago
Good read. But what you forgot to mention is that more and more men are preferring video games over women, jobs and society is because of how they been denigrated and emasculated just because of their maleness from the womb on up. And video games happen to be one of the few remaining outlets for them to express themselves as men.

Ironically thanks to feminism, men no longer see much incentive to care about the well-being of women and society and are now wanting nothing to do with either. What's the point when all the thanks they're gonna get are high taxes, being overworked, being robbed of their wealth/children/everything else they worked for upon divorce, being accused and punished for a (phony) DV/rape/harassment crime if they stand up for themselves against female aggressor?

Has society learned anything from past civilizations that rose and fell? The minute they they throw men under the bus to put women on a pedestal in the name of "gender equality" is the minute they just asked for their downfall.
DragonKnight  +   1085d ago
You make a good point about men turning to video games to express themselves as men. I didn't think about that when writing this. It's certainly true. Video games, as an escape from reality, is a place where you can be whatever you want free from real world problems preventing you from doing so.
SageHonor  +   1084d ago
Nothing new to add. But, this is probably the best article I've read on this site. Great job.
Cat  +   1071d ago
I really enjoy looking at the ludicrous notion that men and women are portrayed at all realistically in games, and appreciate some balance to the discussion. The average man is not the man we see in games.


"It has to do with the fact that women have never been expected to give up their lives for anyone."

Gotta take serious umbrage with this one. Men and women lay down their lives in different ways - men, in defense of their families, and women for their families. Childbirth, my friend, while safer than it has ever been before in history is still one of the most dangerous things a woman will do in her life, and most of us will do so multiple times. :)
DragonKnight  +   1071d ago
I didn't say that women DON'T give up their lives, I said they've never been EXPECTED to. Throughout history, it was never expected that a woman would risk her life in war for a nation. It was never an expectation of a woman to become a police officer or fire fighter, putting their lives on the line every day. Women and children were always the first ones off the sinking boat. Men were expected to give their lives in defense of country, and family.

Women DO risk their lives in today's society, but they will never be EXPECTED to. Men can be drafted, woman can't in ANY country.

And yes, childbirth is a very dangerous thing, I agree.
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Cat  +   1071d ago
and I think there is expectation :)
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DragonKnight  +   1071d ago
May I ask in what way you feel there is an expectation? The obvious case is child birth, which (unless forced) is a choice not an expectation (and abortion can end that whole issue). I do happen to know that, in the case of the military, there are policies in place that protect women from being drafted. I also know there are policies in a number of dangerous professions that give women the right to opt out of dangerous assignments.
Cat  +   1071d ago
You say there is an expectation of a man to fight and defend, I agree and say there is also an expectation of women to lay down their lives in childbirth - neither is a demand (which I think is what "expectation" is being conflated to here).
DragonKnight  +   1071d ago
Ah, I thought you were referencing something else. And I didn't mean to imply any kind of demand, there would only be a demand in the case of a draft. Other than that, it really is just an "expectation."

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