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wishingW3L  +   789d ago
the real world still doesn't know anything about the conference though. So all this "internet marketing" has been pointless because core gamers are core gamers after all and the console wars are won by the company that attracts the most casuals.
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RetroRaconteur  +   789d ago
Certainly need casuals to be truly successful. I'm not sure this event is about the casuals though. I think it's all about hyping the base. They've still got E3 (more mainstream) to focus on casuals.
Yup google says it all.
FamilyGuy  +   789d ago
Word of Mouth
Sony have claimed numerous times to rely on word of mouth. Us "core fans" will watch the event and hype the PS4 to our more casual gamer friends.
Ultr  +   789d ago
huh? Every newspaper has it written on the header in my country?
SynGamer  +   789d ago
searching "PlayStation meeting 2013" yields quite a few results...
BitbyDeath  +   789d ago
Newspapers, radio, magazines and TV will tell everyone what occurred at the conference after it airs.
Cam977  +   788d ago
Exactly but I do believe that they recently got a new head of marketing which certainly has positively affected their advertising.
Nicaragua  +   789d ago
I disagree that no-one outside of gaming circles has heard of the imminent announcement of the PS4.

I am the only person in my office that is passionate about gaming and follows the gaming news but nearly everyone i work with (about 15 people of various ages) has commented to me that “ooh have you heard about the new playstation, i bet your excited!” or similar comment while waiting at the coffee machine.

The hype is definitely out there, whether or not Sony deliver on that is a different story.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   789d ago
Obviously our situations are different. Even my friends who consider themselves gamers haven't heard about the conference. But then again, they don't care for Sony that much.
Ultr  +   789d ago
here too man! everyone is talking about it :D
smashcrashbash  +   789d ago
What you guys are saying makes no sense.There are hundreds of millions of core gamers and anyone else will hear about it once Sony starts marketing the PS4. We PlayStation owners and every other core gamers know about the PS4 and the conference and the rest of the world will find out about it once they start commercials and their ad campaigns.It is not important that every single person knows about the reveal but important that everyone knows about it when it is near to and ready to be on sale. Who outside the core knew about the Xbox 360 or the Wii U? No one. They only knew once the commercials started.And the presence of the PS4 will leak out once word of mouth reaches the other people through the core. And at E3 even more people will know about it.

Come on, they haven't even revealed it yet and people are already complaining that not enough people know about it? The reveal is not the most important part to non gamers.Besides I thought people didn't want Sony to pander to the casuals? The way people attack Sony even when they even hint that they want to add something for the casuals I thought that was taboo? Let's not pretend that anyone outside gaming circles knew about the Wii and Xbox 360 before they were revealed and advertised
RetroRaconteur  +   789d ago
Exactly. This is all about exciting the core IMO.
heard  +   782d ago
According to me, Sony needs to get serious regarding it's marketing strategies. No doubt that they are world class makers of game console but marketing should also be done hand in hand.

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