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OcelotRigz  +   925d ago
I agree regarding the touchpad, if it is that which it surely has to be. Lets say you get a message, double-tapping the pad could open the message up in the corner with a transparent background so it doesn't obstruct much, sliding up and down your finger would scroll it and double-tap again to close.
I would love that as reading a message on the ps3 during gameplay is a pain, especially when playing online, most of the time its suicide to read the message during the likes of cod or bf3, unless you find a good spot to hide in.

Another way i could, or would like to, see it used is for quick access to the xmb, or the PS4s version of the xmb if they still use it. Similar to reading messages, you could either access it simply by keeping your finger on the pad for a few seconds which would open it in a transparent kinda way, kinda like the icons of the xmb over a slightly darkened game screen. Then sliding you finger across would scroll across the icons, one tap to open something and double-tap to close the xmb. I was trying to test out this action of reaching across with my thumb today with my dualshock and it actually seems very easy to do. Or use the PS button...

I like the small increase in size, i use the Xbox controller sometimes on the PC and i really like the way it fits in my hand. Although i hope they dont change the tension of the analog sticks as i find the Xbox ones way too stiff and find it hard play shooters with it, whereas i love the looseness of the Daulshock sticks and its perfect for shooters, thats how i feel anyway.

Everything else looks good too.
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Faztkiller  +   925d ago
I agree about the sticks on the dualshock I sometimes wish I could use my DS3 to play shooters on my 360. My perfect controller would be 360 shape and layout with Playstation sticks and buttons. without the giant battery pack on the back though. lol
OcelotRigz  +   924d ago
Yeah i love the shape and feel of the 360 controller. Dont know about the placement of the analog sticks though, its not like i find it uncomfortable or anything, but it comes back to shooters again for me where with the looseness of the DS3's sticks but also the placement of them both right beside each other seem to suit quick reactions better, for me at least.

Of course, you're gonna have guys who have the exact same problems with the DS3 controller, so its down to what you're used too and personal preference.

Although, i do love the triggers of the 360 controller.
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