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BadboyCivic  +   1024d ago
If the wiiU can repeat what the DS did and provide good content, then maybe it might do well. But for the core gamers, I just don't see it happening when graphics and power is of the utmost importance.
TuxedoMoon  +   1024d ago
Partially true. It sucks that most gamers do hold power and graphics so highly when Nintendo has always been the ones providing great gameplay experiences on their consoles. A lot of those gamers would probably not admit that they were wowed with the wii's motion control and games simply because it looks like a "Gamecube game" The Wii-U IS an upgrade from the Wii and since many developers got a mastery of current gen tech, the games on the wii-u will only look that more amazing.
Norrison  +   1024d ago
True, a lot of people dismiss the fact that the Wii U needs to render what's on the controller too (that's why it only supports it). Being able to render console graphics at 1280x720 and 854*480
That's 1.33 million pixels which is a decent improvement over current gen. That's with launch titles, the console got potential.
tehpees3  +   1024d ago
I think overall Wii U had a more successful launch then 3DS did. The launch lineup was WAY better. Nintendo managed to post profit for their third quarter results.

It just needs more time. I remember 3DS and Vita having similar issues which got patched later. Download codes got added to 3DS (yes they actually did it) and Vita added PS1 support. The OS will get a much needed speed up when they next patch it.

The thing that concerns me is with the Basic bundle users. When the Wii U is finally fully patched will they have enough free space for their saves?

For sales games will pick it up later.
StraightPath  +   1024d ago
wow the system just came out and not even few months old and people talking about if it has failed? get real. all them articles pure garbade and why would anyone listen to them. Come back after over a year and then we can see how the wii u is doing.
Neko_Mega  +   1024d ago
Wii U needs its loading speed fix, waiting for it to load the Wii U menu is a pain as well as for games. Plus I feel it was kind of dumb that you had to download the Wii app to play Wii games (its like how hard is it to make your system play them without making it a pain to do).

Theirs some good games for it, but everything that isn't Wii U only are games that have been out for along time on other consoles and thats kind of boring. Besides that little stuff the Wii U isn't a bad system, just needs somethings fix.
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a_adji  +   1023d ago
There is nothing wrong with this machine bar the name, the constant focus on the controller and it's bad communication to the masses.

The name did not resonate with mainstream as the Wii did initially. This also lead to people thinking it was just some minor upgrade and not a completely new machine.

Poor marketing and communication has dwarfed this great potential of a console and hopefully a re-think will correct the issue.

The pad is awesome to say the least but emphasis on it and not it's features are once again taking away from it.
It's so poorly communicated that people think they are paying £330 for a controller/handheld lol

Come on Nintendo, you are the masters of this here industry but your losing touch with what works. Follow your philosophy and keep your message simple.
a_adji  +   1023d ago
Vita is nice but that is in a worse situation than the wii U, which actually is not in a bad place just yet and way too early to call such a thing.

I am 90% happy with my purchase of the Wii U and I would not look back and regret it one bit.
Flatbattery  +   1022d ago
I wouldn't take any of these articles to heart. The only thing I find to keep in mind is this:-

The media consider near everything a failure unless it's Xbox branded.

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