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SeraphimBlade  +   802d ago
You guys need to just start sending me a regular paycheck for these blogs. (seriously, i need a job...)

Thanks a ton! Now I get to play Ni No Kuni AND Metal Gear Rising!
Christopher  +   802d ago
Keep up the writing and we'll see how it goes ;)
-Mezzo-  +   802d ago
I won. o_0

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Christopher  +   802d ago
Unheard of!

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-Mezzo-  +   801d ago
The universe works in Mysterious ways.
ApolloTheBoss  +   801d ago
Wow, man. That's twice in a row...What are you, anyway?!
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-Mezzo-  +   800d ago
Twice? You must be new here.

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SKUD  +   802d ago
Am disappoint son.
Megaton  +   802d ago
No prizes for Skud. Ever.
Cat  +   796d ago
Fine print.
Tetsujin  +   802d ago
I hope to win again in the future, I was able to afford Skyrim with one of those Amazon cards.
Valenka  +   802d ago
Is this real life? Wow. I feel blessed! Thanks everyone, and congratulations to the other winners as well!
Megaton  +   802d ago
Have you never won before? Figured with all your blogging and reviewing, you were a shoe-in for monthly prizes.
Valenka  +   801d ago
This is my third consecutive win! I'm just completely taken aback but utterly grateful!
BitbyDeath  +   802d ago
Congrats to everyone who won :-)
landog  +   802d ago

totally cool, thanks so much n4g and cat!!

super cool :)

grats to all who won!
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pandehz  +   802d ago
I just cant belie....

Congrats everyone :) this is just awesweet
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   802d ago
Thanks guys! Honestly I didn't even know I could win anything :)
dedicatedtogamers  +   801d ago
I won? Thanks N4G!
Godchild1020  +   801d ago
Congrats everyone. January was a great month.
Nate-Dog  +   801d ago
Congrats everyone, was some great stuff to read last month.
Christopher  +   801d ago
I enjoyed reading your boss battles blog. Thank you.
Nate-Dog  +   801d ago
no u
LostDjinn  +   801d ago
So I missed out again huh? Where's that beans mofo? I'm going tear one of his eyebrows...err I mean congratulations everybody.

Now seriously where is he? I know the admin's, mod's and him have some conspiracy to cut me out of the prize pool. >:(
Christopher  +   801d ago
Only myself and Cat to blame. You're not on our list yet. Only because we're still trying to figure out how to get it so that Mezzo doesn't win :P
coolbeans  +   801d ago
It's good to know my master plan is still working and remains undetected by Cat and cgood. [-_-]~
LostDjinn  +   800d ago
aDDicteD  +   801d ago
WOW i won something ^_^
Thanks n4g and Cat and Congratulations to all the winners as well.
coolbeans  +   801d ago
Thanks for the shout-out, Cat. And many thanks to the others who provided interesting comments on my review. Some of you pointed out a flaw in BOII's online system that never dawned on me while writing the review.

Congrats to winners!
rainslacker  +   801d ago
Thanks N4G.:) Never won anything in my life. Kind of exciting.:)
ElectricKaibutsu  +   798d ago
I just replied to the ticket with my email address. Is that all I was supposed to do? Thanks!
Cat  +   796d ago

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