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majiebeast  +   1102d ago
Worst thing this gen retailer/platform exclusive dlc, almost no dlc is good but retailer/platform exclusive dlc takes the crown. We all paid for the same game so we all should get the same content.
darthv72  +   1102d ago
yes and no
Before the DLC days you had the platform variations of certain games. A game made for genesis may have been the same basic design for the SNES version but each platform would pursue something to differentiate each other.

So you had platform exclusive content even back then. Now as for the idea of actually wasnt a bad one to begin with. It was a way to extend the relevance of a title in place of a follow-up release. Think adding new maps or levels to a game that the developers were working on but cut to save either time or space.

We as consumers are a very entitled and demanding bunch. The developers are stuck in the middle of a tug of war between consumers and the parent companies that pay $$ to back these game developments.

We (consumers) want more for our $$ and the parent companies want to sell a product for as cheap as they can to produce but ask full price in return on investment. The developer has to make that call of how much do they put into it themselves to satisfy both parties.

With the advent of this console generation came the idea of adding more to a game that was intended to be there from the beginning. And if consumers had their way we would be getting it ALL for free because we know that this extra content was intended for the game from the beginning.

The game distributors/producers are not as open to the idea of just giving it away so they try and price it accordingly. Which any consumer will say that no dlc is worth what they ask for it. In many ways, companies have taken a good idea and turned it bad because they know that consumers will pay. Maybe not you or I but there is someone out there that will.

This business is more about making $$$ than making games worth the $$$. Its the easy road now with systems that are capable of dynamic content updating. We didnt have that in the cartridge days.

I liked the idea of DLC when it was first introduced but like anything that starts off as a good idea, there will be someone to come along and ruin it for the rest of us by trying to profit from it as much as they can. That gives the same idea to the next company and the next company and so on and so on and so on.

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