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Derekvinyard13  +   1039d ago
Wait cat there's a n4g app? Or it's still in the works?
Cat  +   1036d ago
The app is Quizify - which will have it's own N4G quiz for the hardcore gamer.
coolbeans  +   1039d ago
Heh...I was actually going to ask about this in forums or PM. Can't wait!

Are the shirts the same material as the CS:GO/Wildstar shirts given out last year (100% cotton, pre-shrunk)? Those are quite comfortable. :)
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Cat  +   1039d ago
I honestly don't know - Sally in our Oslo office designed them and they were printed in Europe!
coolbeans  +   1039d ago
If Sally is on the job I won't worry. She knows my t-shirt preferences! :D
GreenRanger  +   1038d ago
Have the December Contest prizes been sent yet?
I think I might have missed the email.
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coolbeans  +   1037d ago
It typically comes through during the 3rd full week so I'd anticipate it coming very soon. I say you can worry about missing the email after the 28th-ish.

If you don't get one by that time, contact Cat and she'll get you situated. :)

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