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OcelotRigz  +   952d ago
I do think boss battles are important for 3 reasons;

First; Nostalgia. Nothing brings us back to the good old days of gaming like a good boss battle, it was an important pillar of games back then and there's no reason to remove them now. Remember those nights where you'd stay up late fighting that tough boss and then finally beat him and the huge satisfaction you would get. Then the next day tell all your friends that you beat him and how you did it. Yeah...

Second; A sense of progression. There is no grander way to demonstrate that you've reached the end of a tough level/game than a boss. Also, there is no better test for what you've learned in the previous level/game.

Third; Simply because they're awesome.

I completely agree with this post, this generation has took some steps backward and you've mentioned two ways that it has. Lack of boss battles and the cinematic/qte approach. I dont want to be in an interactive movie, i want to be in control. Im glad you've demonstrated two games which have excelled in this aspect, the Souls games. My two favorite games this gen because they had that old school adventure feel, no hand holding, no qte, i was in control, great depth, wonderful world to explore, unique and innovative online system and great boss battles.

I was also disappointed in the MGS4 boss battles, they were just straightforward battles whereas the MGS games had a tradition of unique and creative boss battles, no better game to demonstrate this that probably the greatest game ever when it came to boss battles (and my all time favorite), MGS3.

Nice post.
Captain Tuttle  +   952d ago
That was a nicely written, comprehensive blog. I enjoyed reading it and learned a bit. Thanks
Ezz2013  +   952d ago
wait for god of war ascension and MGS:R
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   952d ago
I've noticed that there aren't as many boss battles in newer games and I miss it. I really liked Deus Ex for at least having boss battles. Once I figured out how to beat each one in a few seconds it was boring, but when I didn't know how to beat them they were fun. Hopefully the next gen has more boss battles like the PS2 did. Because honestly I don't like QTE's. They just aren't fun. They don't really take skill and like you said it sometimes demonstrates developer laziness.
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s45gr32  +   952d ago
I can't qtes especially the ones smash x many times and hope for the best. Deux ex should of included boss battles with the option of dialog negotiation like at the end of the first level you talk the villian down tnat would of being sweet.
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saimcheeda  +   952d ago
God of war III had some pretty good boss fights
My favorite was Hades, others I liked were Hercules and Zeus!
s45gr32  +   952d ago
Well written blog and I agree with it completely
Cam977  +   952d ago
After playing Uncharted on Vita, I loathe QTEs.
Conquerbeard  +   951d ago
Agree completely, friend.

Thank God for Demon's/Dark Souls - no button mashing QTE bullshit there!
CommonSense  +   951d ago
Life is a lemon and I want my boss fights back!
wingman32x  +   951d ago
I agree. There haven't been too many defining boss fights for me this gen. A lot of times I usually make preparations that I don't even use because it usually ends before I start to get nervous.

I remember the days where you got scared when the game started giving you lots of health potions all of a sudden, and then you see the save point. You knew something big was about to happen.

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