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Nicaragua  +   1144d ago
The HDMI cable isnt free no more than the console or gamepad are free, the cost is for everything that's in the box - nothing is free.

Anyway the hardcore console crowd are always gonna look down their nose at the Wii U in the same way that the hardcore PC crowd look down their nose at consoles. If people want to play Nintendo franchises in HD then they will buy it, i did so i did.
ThePsychoGamer  +   1144d ago
Really the line up is a ligament argument, right now the system only has about 3 exclusives. really not enough to warrant the price.
FanMan  +   1143d ago
so they give you a 3 dollar hdmi cable? hooray!
s45gr32  +   1142d ago
My toughts on this wii u topic
I understand that you are a fan of Nintendo and that you enjoy what the wii u has to offer. This is not to say that the wii u is perfect or to lash out at the gamers that don't like or not interested with the wii u. I understand that there is hate and resentment towards the wii u, but I hate to say it that the wii u is nothing more nothing less than an extension of the wii. Here is what I mean from its pros and cons:


HDMI cable makes sense since its a HD videogame system

The stylus why no Nintendo fan mentions this boggles my mind (able to send messages quickly and efficiently to your friends, point out a path or an item when your friends are stuck, good for drawing and doodling.


Underdeveloped network like Sony's PS3 system when it launched un-acceptable due to the fact that Nintendo had 6 years to study, test, and apply some of the xbox live or PSN network features or make say features better. Instead is a slow network, the ability to play wii games is set up is atrocious, the lack of an ethernet port puzzles me sure it has wifi but the ethernet port is essential in case the wifi signal is lost or gets out of range plus the 5gb update doesn't help due to the measly 8gb and 32gb storage space. Which brings me to the lack of cloud storage to compensate for the measly storage. Now wii u owners have no choice but to buy the usb hard drive; wait for the tvii service till next year really........

Lack of third party game dev support due to either third party game devs don't like or struggling with say the wii u's hardware or due to the fact that Nintendo still has the stigma of being the disney of gaming that mature gory violent or plain adult game titles don't make it into the system. Just look at the upcoming exclusives only one mature title i.e. Bayonetta the rest are for kids. Nothing wrong with that but the chances of a grand theft auto game or bioshock making into this system seems unlikely. Dishonored didn't make it....

Charging gamers $60.00 for digital copies of wii u games via nintendo e-shop terrible. A digital copy should cost at least ten or twenty dollars less than the retail copy.

All in all this system that you are defending is pretty decent especially considered that a demanding graphical powerhouse like Batman Arkham City runs poorly on this system in contrast to its competition. Proving that the latest nintendo system matches the power of say PS3 or xbox 360 but it does not surpassed them. As far as the tech specs of this console are still a mystery which only devs know its specs for example yes it has a CPUGPU but we as gamers don't know its clockspeed, nor the number of cores it uses or like the 2gb of ram which we don't know its clock speed or type i.e. DDR, GDDR, etc. Sadly the wii u games still run at 30 frames per second and some not all run natively at 1080p. So at the end of the day we as gamers must wait for the wii u to deliver that zelda, metroid, etc. game to arrive, wait till Nintendo fixes all of its issues with their latest system. By then the competition will bury the wii u.
Nicaragua  +   1141d ago
I bought a Wii U for my kids for xmas and now that i have finally set up and played the WiiU i can offer more of an opinion.

Firstly the kids love it so mission accomplished but for me the console is a massive ballache. The wait times when you move between options on the main menu are atrocious and this made the initial setup a drag.

The way you have to keep swapping between different controllers is dumb - if you want to play mario multiplayer then the Wii U gamepad is useless.

Like i said the kids love it but if i had bought it just for me then i would be very dissapointed with it.
bicfitness  +   1138d ago
The games are not 1080p. I think Rayman might be the only one, and its 2D, the rest are 720p. Read a DF analysis or some threads on Beyond 3D, before you even approach the subject of tech specs.

Most PS360 gamers - and media - are annoyed because its not even 1/2 a step up from current consoles. Its another Wii (in terms of power) for the upcoming generation.
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quantae06  +   1137d ago
I think the majority of hate comes from the people who didn't like the first Wii because it wasn't this super powerhouse console. Nintendo has been a target for the graphic whores since then. The Wii U is more powerful then the 360/PS3 though, but that's another story.

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