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GenoZStriker  +   1146d ago
"It's funny because we are so brainwashed by advertising and hype that we rush to the defense of these games"

If there is anything I hate the most out of this whole WarZ debacle it is this and honestly it's becoming an incredibly annoying here on N4G as well. People rushing out to defend a game they have not even played previous versions, copies, inspirations of, just for the sake of playing online warrior. Or at all for that matter

It's reasons like this why the industry is going down. We let publishers abuse us by releasing games that looked also it had no quality control what so ever and people just consume anything to look nice to developers while those with legitimate complaint automatically get shoved aside as being haters.

Journalist are the worst to be honest. Instead of doing their job, they are doing the developers job by marketing their game for them just at the exchange of a goddamn beta key and fight their battles. Instead of the developers reassuring us that their games will be good by showing us gameplay, giving us details on somethings and answering our question, we get a 2 page article from Random Joe from zBlogger after getting a beta key or being invited to the developers offices, on why fanboys need to stfu and stop being haters, this is the best game ever. Then you get WarZ.

To be honest. I'm glad this debacle happen. Everyone who bought the game with the reason being, "You are just a hater this game is better than DayZ" and defended it religiously absolutely deserves this. And if it means this company shutting down and disappearing, then by all means.

Great blog by the way + Approved.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1146d ago
ME3 definitely had MORE controversy than WarZ,
It's not like EA would ever recall it, unlike Steam and WarZ.

Diablo 3 didn't LIE about how it was going to work, Skyrim got plenty of flack for it's Ps3 version (and despite some quest bugs and flying horses...the PC version at least was playable), and Skyward Sword "being mediocre" isn't anywhere near the same as a game with a giant boring world hyped up with lies.

These "examples" of yours DO NOT compare (other than ME3, though to a lesser extent).
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Godmars290  +   1146d ago
This game is getting blasted by gamers and the industry both whereas something like ME3 there was obvious division between reviewers and hardcore fans. Nevermind that the series narrative flaws were present throughout its run.

Hell, you counter-argument fails because you agree that the PC version of Skyrim, working or not, still had bugs in it. Bugs that should have been considered in reviews but weren't. Bugs which some gamers shouldn't have defended from other gamers but did.

You're part of the problem for the simple fact you can't admit there is one.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1146d ago
It's a fair enough point that the reviewers failed to report bugs in their reviews, but we can't control the media which suckles at the breast of publisher advertisement and approval (for early copies, interviews, etc) for its existence/pay. Even if they had, look at DNF; it sold a million freaking copies despite reviewing like crap and getting general bad feedback (except the goofs that thought the clearly post-Halo shooter was some sort of throw-back to true old school PC shooters).

GAMERS still gave ME3 and Skyrim the verbal thrashing they deserved. We could never expect those publishers to take the same action as Valve, though - the issues WERE more minor than lying about basic gameplay mechanics, plus those publishers are frankly not on the same level as Valve and had have infinitely more to lose from such an action.

Don't call me part of the problem for being able to distinguish between basic lies in gameplay mechanics and story short-comings/some glitches, bucko.
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SeraphimBlade  +   1145d ago
I agree with you and I think it comes down to this. With D3 and Skyward Sword, people made assumptions and had lofty expectations the final product didn't live up to. ME3's problem is similar, but the assumptions are more reasonable, (considering BioWare did a fine job telling the EXACT SAME STORY in Dragon Age: Origins. Think about it) As with buggy games, they get fixed eventually, usually. The merits of them are still apparent even with bugs. (And yes, I DO remember Skyrim getting a good amount of flak from PS3-centric sources) Those kind of failures are forgivable. There should have been more effort, but the effort was at least honest.

WarZ's problem stems of a lack of effort AND dishonesty. It's one thing to say "the ending fine. Trust us," and another thing to say "we have features like X and Y, and maps as big as Z" when none of that is objectively true, including the implication you have multiple maps. THAT'S my problem anyway. Hell, I'm willing to forgive it for pretending DayZ doesn't exist. I'm USED to that BS.

As with bad PR, like banning critical forum members, with companies as big as EA, that can feasibly be chalked up to one or two people, lower down the chain, making rash decisions. With WarZ, the person in charge has made it very clear how little of a crap he gives.

I'm not saying big developers/publishers should not be called out for BS, but this is not even in the same field as stuff people get mad at EA for.
Nicaragua  +   1146d ago
One of the main reasons WarZ is getting so much shit over the games you mention is down to the responses to the critics by the game developers.

All the guys you mention above at least acknowledge that people have a right to be pissed off whereas the WarZ devs have insulted people, censored ALL critiscism on the games forums, and basically tried to cover things to keep on selling their game - its some of the shittiest customer service i have ever seen.

I hope the game dissapears up its own arse but my concern is that it will taint the perception of the game it is trying to immitate.
caseh  +   1145d ago
What Nicaragua said, look over the forums and you've got people who are afraid to post due to mods going crazy and banning everyone with an opinion no matter how constructive it is.

People can bring up ME3 and Skyrim all they like. ME3 wasn't flawed at ALL except for sketchy endings. Skyrim had bugs but it wasn't unplayable, admittedly i've only put about 40 hours into Skyrim on PS3 but have encountered no issues.

Now look at DayZ, half of the content advertised isn't present. It looks like sh*t, players are getting banned with the response of 'its 100% certain you are using 3rd party hacks' and little else. Oh and the genius description of '100 player server' actually being a 50 player server, but the funny part is the main guy said 'people must have misread do you misread 50 as 100?

Check its Metacritic score, as much as ME3 and Skyrim got flak it is nothing in comparison to DayZ. F*ck, it even makes RE6 look awesome.
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Godmars290  +   1145d ago
"ME3 wasn't flawed at ALL"
I pretty much gave up on the series as a story after the shuttle scene. The reason we got the original ending in ME3 was because Bioware was given a pass for narrative flubs done throughout the series.

Then there's ME3 side-quest management and how that was(n't) worked into the story as hearsay events. And no one even bothers to mention the utterly pointless thing with the Normandy being chased by Reaper ships which have no real impact on the game. The general arbitrary value and randomness of war assets.

And what about Bioware still giving players the middle finger with the fourth ending in the extended cut?

But Bioware didn't admit to any problems. Not until there was an unprecedented level of complaint as most of the review community continued to support them. Same with Bethesda; once it became clear that their bottom line was on the line, they caved. But only so much as the minimum amount of damage control allowed while the press backed them up.

If Hammerpoint had covered their asses with the media better we'd be having a whole different argument about how once again how the review community sold out.
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cyril sneer  +   1145d ago
@caseh you need to replace dayz with warz i think your getting confused
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caseh  +   1145d ago

you are indeed correct, I meant WarZ lol.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1145d ago
Hold the phone. Are you telling me that people WEREN'T banned on the Halo forums for complaining about the map pack? Because they were. Are you telling me the Bioware devs WEREN'T giving their fans the middle finger in regards to the ending (which they fixed later anyway)? Because they were. Are you telling me that Bethesda DIDN'T ship Skyrim in an unfinished state?

There isn't a single thing the WarZ devs did that hasn't already been done a dozen times over by bigger developers. The only difference is that WarZ didn't have a massive marketing campaign (with eager game journalists on a leash following behind) to hype up the game. So when SHTF, the game was attacked.
Nicaragua  +   1145d ago
No thats not what im saying, read it again and try to keep up.

All the other developers acknowledge the issue, apologise, work towards a resolution.

Hammerpoint lies about its product, censors the critcs, and then literally insults its customers - that why everyone is pissed off.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1145d ago
While it's not excusable for the other companies to do this, you have to look at it this way. Hammerpoint Interactive was some company that was founded the day after DayZ was said to be made as a standalone title. They copied everything off of DayZ, and then claimed to be working on the title years before.

The difference in this situation is that this is some new company that came along and immediately started botching everything up. Lying, banning people, advertising a scam.

Again, it doesn't excuse the other developers. I'm personally happy about this though. I'm hoping this will be a wake up call to the shitty developers out there who think they can constantly pull crap like this on the consumer and get away with it. I hope they realize that this can and will happen to them if they decide to eff over the consumer and I hope that Hammerpoint Interactive and WarZ will stay as a huge example to other developers.
kane_1371  +   1145d ago
HammerPoint Fucking threatened me to black list me, you know what that is?

That is you, being black listed in the list of all their partners that sell content and not being able to purchase shit becuz you are in the "Black list"

have you played the game, have you seen it?
have you seen the "Screen Shots?"
it literally looks like a DAYz while screen shots look like gta fucking 5!!!!

you are pulling crap out of your ass!

Bethesda is known for making buggy games, but instead the gameplay and story is so good that you have nothing left to say.

Bioware had an ending in mind for an epic story, you being the hero that sacrificed him/her self for the sake of people.
correct, it is not like the me1 and 2's diverse endings, but the rest of the things they promised was there, the choices i made in games before were effecting me.

WAR z is a mod of war inc and is a ripp off for the way it works.

I bought a knife to fucking lose it in less than 5 minutes?

wtf is that?

Go play your warz if you like it, why are you here?
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1145d ago
People are hating on DayZ since the devs are unloyal and are dicks, they banned people who wanted a refund, they mislead people into buying paid betas, and basically screwing the fanbase.

The devs get what they deserve IMO.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1145d ago
The WarZ, not DayZ.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1145d ago
Yes i meant WarZ, just a bit tired, i wrote this at around 10am lol
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1145d ago
skyrim wasnt broken on all platforms, i had it on PC from the start and it was fine. no broken anything, just the usualy hiccups any software has but far from broken
zgoldenlionz  +   1145d ago
Great blog.
landog  +   1144d ago
almost every ps3/360 game lies right on the box when it says 1080p

I think all games should have to, BY LAW, list the NATIVE RESOLUTION they are rendered at, this is totally annoying...and it misleads 100's of 1000's of customers

yes, people like us that come to video game forums, generally understand that is means upscaled to 1080p, but even some here, and the vast majority of the general populace is completely unaware.
Onehandband1t  +   1143d ago
Agreed, I have always been a PC gamer at heart and dabbled with consoles from time to time, I have so many friends that's say "What's the difference from console to PC, they both run at 1080p" -_- Oh dear, please don't make me explain lol

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