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Godmars290  +   959d ago
Starting to think Christmas should be renamed "Give Me Your F*cking Wallet!" Because its ever been more and more about buying things and now that's not enough.
Nicaragua  +   958d ago
Not for me i hardly buy any presents. I buy my kids presents because it makes me happy and one console between two of them doesn't really break the bank.

Everyone else including the wife gets jack shit.
darthv72  +   958d ago
to be honest
"The fact that I bought two very expensive controllers at £50 a pop without checking that they were compatible with the games I bought is mostly my fault"

Fault has nothing to do with it. the games will say on the back if they support the pro controller or other controller options. think of it as you are now prepared for the games that do support it.

as for them putting in motion sensors to the pro controller....then people would say they are ripping off the ds3 instead of the 360 controller.
rainslacker  +   958d ago

Yes they do. However when picking up my system on launch day I didn't think to check this because I just assumed it would be compatible. I certainly know this now, but it never even occurred to me to even check for that support.

I don't mind the tablet controller, but this forced inclusion of Wii Mote support, and no pro support, is really annoying. It's a pretty underhanded way for Nintendo to sell Wii Mote's IMO, and they aren't particularly cheap to buy new.
Games4M - Rob  +   958d ago
"as for them putting in motion sensors to the pro controller....then people would say they are ripping off the ds3 instead of the 360 controller."

Nobody in their right mind would say that since Nintendo already had motion sensors in the Wii.

This really is a stupid move on Nintendo's part and it caught me out as well.
darthv72  +   957d ago
the pro controller is an upgraded version of the classic controller. Designed to be used in place of using the wii-mote or the gamepad.

No need for gyros if you intend to play fighting games or other non motion related titles.

The 360 controller does not have has rumble.

Now my question to Nicaragua: does the pro controller have rumble?
Nicaragua  +   957d ago
To my knowledge it does have rumble but as i mentioned in the blog i haven't actually used the WiiU yet as its a Christmas present for my kids.

And I would be fine with the Pro Controller being compatible with certain games like ports, FPS, or fighting games. I'm just a bit mystified as to why Nintendo chose to make one of those games that it would be most suited to (their flagship 2D platformer which benefits in no way from motion controls) one of the game with which it is incompatible.

The 360 controller dosnt need motion sensors because no 360 games require motion controls, but the Wii U has several launch games which do so why not include them in the (very expensive) Pro Controller ?
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darthv72  +   957d ago
yeah i can see how a game like the mario bros-u could use something like the pro controller for the basic nature of the game.

But considering the wii version used the wiimote in motion related ways like shaking the controller to do certain things.

so with that in mind, why would you think they would change the control options for the wii-u version? I mean, you can play with the gamepad or the wiimote. Not even gc or classic controller support was available on the wii version.

but i do get what you are saying in that you are paying quite a bit for a nintendo version of a 360 controller. It just happens the mario bros game requires the motion part of the controller which the pro one doesnt have.

I think all of that was revealed when the pro controller was announced. dont feel bad for getting them, like i said before. you are ready for when the game you do get can use them.
Pillville  +   957d ago
The Pro Controller is basically for any multiplat game that is designed for PS3/360 and got ported to WiiU.

You are not going to see any Mario/Zelda/Metroid/etc... game use the Pro Controller, they will be designed to use Pad or original Wii Remotes.

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