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dedicatedtogamers  +   1167d ago
This is my opinion, but the main problem with the game industry is that consoles are trying too hard to be PCs, and since PCs (and tablets, which are simply portable PC-style platforms) are becoming more and more integrated into the living room, the thing that made consoles unique is starting to fade away.

"Back in the day", the reason why someone played console was because it was so streamlined, so pure, and just plain fun. PC gaming is fun, but it has a different "feel" to it. Console gaming was meant to be something that you could jump into really quick and get right to the fun. Now, most console games are simply PC games with inferior graphics and a controller instead of mouse+kb.

I'm sure developers would LOVE for new hardware to come out. Then they can simplify their development process. You think console devs want the extra power so they can do better graphics? No, not really. They simply want to do the same graphics they've been doing on PC for the last 5 years and then they'll call it "next gen".
Chalgyr  +   1167d ago
Hi there, Dedicatedtogamers!

I think you make several excellent points. I think this goes back to how these consoles are turning into the focal points of living rooms. I also agree with your final point, that many devs probably do just want things updated for that reason. Thanks for the comment!
mav805  +   1165d ago
I think what you say may be partially true as far as the developers motives are concerned. The more powerful hardware would allow them to spend less money on optimizations and so forth for the newer hardware because it would be sufficiently powerful. However, that would only be true for a year or two. Competition within the industry would quickly force developers to step-up their game and produce higher quality games or else risk losing sales and fanbase.

Additionally, what you said is probably mostly true of publishers and higher level executives. I'm sure that a lot of the creators, artists, etc. actually doing the work just want a better medium to express their ideas and creativity.
newflesh  +   1167d ago
For me the problem is not the absence of new consoles, but the lack of new original ideas in games. I don't need better graphics, I'm perfectly fine with it now. What I really need, want and miss is new innovative games (dreamcast anyone?). So I think we don't really need next gen consoles, we need next gen video games.
jadenkorri  +   1166d ago
There are several new ips that do come out, the problem is big game franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Gears, God of war, Grand Theft Auto, Killzone all overshadow them and get the attention. Leaving not much for the rest of the industry causing companies to close or develop similar games to try and make money to stay open.
ABizzel1  +   1166d ago
I agree with both of you.


new Ip's are far and few between when compared to the constant annual and bi-annual release of big franchises. I wish for one year that the majority of the games released would be new franchises, so we can have something that's refreshing. But the thing about many of these new franchises is that their generally a knock off of some other game we've seen 2 or 3 iterations of all ready. Dishonored, Journey, and The Walking Dead were great, but we need about 6 more of those vastly different gameplay experiences each year now that we're on installments 3 - 7 on some franchises.


That's why developers need to find a time frames that works best for a wider audience, and filled with less competition.

January is a iffy time, because the holidays have just past, but it's also a good chance to get shoppers who're looking for an after holiday deal as well as scoop up those gift cards people got for the holidays.

March is a good time, because people are generally getting their income tax check back sometime that month.

Summer is an excellent time. E3 gives you the chance for your game to shine, and with the E3 hype people may be more willing to buy you game. Not to mention kids are generally out of school for the summer and are looking for something to do (or play in a gamer's case), and summer is generally dead as far as big releases.

Developers need to be conscience of when and where to release their game, and have realistic expectations that since they're releasing a new IP it may not sell as well as an established franchises unless it's top notch quality all around, has great showings, and has the demo & marketing to back it up.
Nicaragua  +   1166d ago
The shorter the console cycle then the less value you will get out of that console - so no, i do not want to receive less value for my money.
-GametimeUK-  +   1166d ago
I am still happy with my current systems and I don't think the cycle has dragged on. I think now is the perfect time to offer us a new console, but I will not be an early adopter.

I think the timing is just right and this generation has enough to offer me until a price drop on a new console if they release one in a years time.
Flatbattery  +   1166d ago
I think developers and publishers complain too much. If new hardware is that easy and affordable to produce, then why aren't they doing it?

The simple truth is, they know that they can release any old crap on a new system at it'll sell. Whereas right now they are having to work harder to make something that people want.

Whatever happened to developing for the love of it? oh yeah, it's now known as the Indie scene. Sadly everywhere else has degraded into making money to please shareholders who sit on their fat arses and do nothing.
Godmars290  +   1166d ago
Nothing really happened in it. The diversity of titles and genres from last get was replaced by FPS, FPS, and FPS with RPG elements.
Ducky  +   1166d ago
Actually, the diversity is still there, it's just that a few military shooters make a disproportional amount of money.

That's more so an issue with consumers rather than developers.
Godmars290  +   1166d ago
But the issue is that you didn't see any real diversity in major games. That devs set themselves up so that they'd have to limit themselves and even remove features.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1166d ago
1080p phones before 1080p consoles? of course not!

yes... And even 1080p is old and can be surpassed for pc gamers anyway.
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Nicaragua  +   1166d ago
That's right, a phone that costs more than twice the price of a console. $200 dollars up front + a two year contract of around $55 per month.

The point of consoles is that its cheap, quality gaming. To compare it to a mobile phone that costs in total over $1000 is just retarded.

Show me a PC or phone that can outperform a (6 year old) console within the same price bracket and then you might have a point.
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Valenka  +   1165d ago
Well let's have a look at the previous six generations:

• First Generation: 5 years
• Second Generation: 6 years
• Third Generation: 12 years
• Fourth Generation: 11 years
• Fifth Generation: 13 years
• Sixth Generation: 6 years

If you were to do the arithmetic, the average would come out to 8 years, which sounds like a lot, but look at the third through the fifth generation; that's a whopping 11-13 year generation.

Currently, I believe the console generation we're in now is going onto its 9th year, and considering that the longest running generation thus far was home to the Playstation, Sega Saturn, and Nintendo 64 (quite popular to this day, nevermind of its time) I can't really complain about this generation.

I mean, if people are growing tired of this generation already whether it be the lack of innovative or original titles, then that's understandable and perhaps near-future entry into the eighth generation is necessary. But compared to the previous generations, personally I do not think this generation has lasted too long. I'm sure that'll change come mid-2013.

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