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Orionsangel  +   800d ago
Okay, It is done.
Pieman523  +   800d ago
Wooooo, Free shit!
antlovell12  +   800d ago
more $$ for the holiday
BiggCMan  +   799d ago
Holidays should be more about family though :/ But everyone's different.
Supreme Entity  +   800d ago
TrendyGamers  +   800d ago
Awesome, very nice giveaway.
manman6  +   800d ago
Love this!!!!
Sev  +   800d ago
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
SilentNegotiator  +   800d ago
I just want to take the time to say how much I appreciate N4G. It's glowing community and wonderful administration fill my heart with joy. Where would we be without N4G? What news would we miss? Is my sucking up getting me extra drawing tickets?

On a serious note, I think these giveaways are a nice treat to the community. I'm still kicking myself for responding late to a prize I won on TechSpy.
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MrBeatdown  +   800d ago
In like Flynn.
burn1n9m4n  +   800d ago
Holy macaroni!
catch  +   800d ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Hooray for free stuff!
sickshot69  +   800d ago
Happy turkey day
Megaton  +   800d ago
I like money.

...and turkey/stuffing.
MattyG  +   800d ago
Money? I'm in.
BigTonytheDon  +   800d ago
Wouldn't change anything, but heck, why not comment lol.
Fragger2k8  +   800d ago
Awesome! Count me in!
thebudgetgamer  +   800d ago
Me likee win,
ftwrthtx  +   800d ago
KangarooSam  +   799d ago
I'm down breh
WeskerChildReborned  +   799d ago
Happy thanksgiving and sweet!
kevinsheeks  +   799d ago
yayayay hope i win lol
RyuStrife  +   799d ago
I'd like a card =D
decimalator  +   799d ago
this comment is a winner!
HammadTheBeast  +   799d ago
Chicken Wins.
SeraphimBlade  +   799d ago
Oh. I got confused for a second because I looked at my computer clock which said 12:13 AM of 11/22 and thought i had just missed the deadline. Still have all day. Lol, how do I clock

I need more money and I'm too lazy to write another good article! (or, you know, get a job. I'm in college, don't give me that look.) *crosses fingers*
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ldurham  +   799d ago
If I win, I will buy some games on Black Friday.
Count me in!
fheredia  +   799d ago
Wow, great, just in time for Black Friday!
manasteel88  +   799d ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Vicolamascapa  +   799d ago
Hello, thank you for exist!!!
Funkestein  +   799d ago
Destined to buy some weird things :D
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