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darthv72  +   978d ago
oddly enough
i keep a dos pc around for games that do not run under windows xp or even windows 95. Not to mention i have pc parts specific to those games because you just cant play them any other way.

3dfx voodoo was the beast of its day. Those games that take advantage of this old hardware pale in comparison with today but it is a reminder (for me) of where things came from. So many today probably never heard let alone played a game that used GLide but it was something to behold for its time.

At least with console games, the preservation is taking shape with digital emulations and or the VC that was mentioned. There isnt any such thing in place for old school pc games.
caseh  +   978d ago
Not heard of DOSBox?

Allows you to run DOS based games on any Windows platform without the need for you to build a 486 PC when you want to play a game. :)
wishingW3L  +   978d ago
I really don't know how some people can forget about old games that easily and just play new games all the time. And the worst thing is that when a game becomes old its price skyrockets to the moon and it becomes next to impossible to get ahold of a copy, even used! Example? Suikoden II. I'm still dying to play the game but I don't want to pay like $200 for a used copy nor play it through an emulator!

And the thing is that if I wanted to watch an old movie like Blade Runner I can still buy it anywhere for cheap! Why can't be the same with games? And these days devs aren't helping the case much either by introducing the pesky online passes.

BTW good blog! Preservation of games is important but no one seems to care. This just shows how immature and young the media and its audience are. Soon they all will learn!
darthv72  +   978d ago
maybe this will explain things
the fac the older gme is expensive is more to do with its availability. The game you mentioned is not common. It can be found in digital form but the price is more for the collector side not the practical game player side.

The example of blade runner falls into the same situation. yes you can find it "re-released" on bluray or digital but to collectors, something like the laserdisc version is worth much more because of its rarity.

Keep in mind there are collectors who only seek the originals and there are the rest who just want a copy for themselves no matter if its used or a reissue.

reissues arent worth nearly as much as originals. I am such a person who is an old school collector and have many rare original items in my collection.
caseh  +   978d ago

'Preservation of games is important but no one seems to care.'

Thats why emulation initally came about, the original purpose of emulators was to accurately document and emulate the original hardware right down to the very last CPU instruction. In software terms, legacy applications would need to be ported to newer hardware so that older hardware needed to be emulated to run the legacy app.

The simple fact is that the original hardware will vanish over time due to collectors, broken kit or simply be thrown away. Emulation allows legacy hardware/software to run on modern machines so that is isn't forgotten or lost.

It's become a bit skewed over time but the basic ideology of emulation (for gamers at least) is actually the preservation of old games and hardware.
rainslacker  +   978d ago
Being a game collector, I can say that this generation has made collecting go to shambles. I believe that gaming can be an art form, however this generation, more than any in the past, it's the actual publishers who are making the art seem like it's nothing but business. Things like Online passes, DRM, online servers shutting down, day one updates, and even DLC, means that these games were not meant to be cherished for the long term. The truth of the matter is that publishers simply do not want you playing older games. They've already made their money (or lost it) on the game, and they want you to purchase the next big hopefully make them more money.

There are many like me who love to go back and play an old game, either because we appreciate gaming or because of nostalgia. Unfortunately it's not viable to keep producing a game indefinitely, or re-release most games, like the movie market. Today's game player overall just wants the biggest and shiniest thing. Even re-releases need to be remastered in HD to really get any attention. On top of that, digital versions of all these old games can do quite well, and most HD collections have. This only means that a console manufacturer is even less likely to put in BC because there is more money to be made by re-releasing some of the best of the best...even if it is less than 1% of the total number of games released.

That being said, gaming will never be seen as an art form outside of those of us who know it can be. Publisher's business practices make it very apparent that they do not consider it an art form, so why should the general public. With movies it became an art form before the modern day product placement and tie-ins, so the art was there before the money. With gaming it's the exact opposite. Gaming is at that age where it's becoming widely accepted as an entertainment medium, but art form it is not. Unless the industry as a whole treats it as such, and does many of the things mentioned in this blog, it will continue to remain as such.

On a Different note, If you go and put the average game player today in front of say Pac-Man, the original Ninja Gaiden, any NES Mario game, or countless others from the early generations of gaming, they will probably really enjoy it. Those games relied on fun and challenge, and not supped up graphics and pulse pounding action that is so prevalent in today's gaming.

Also..good blog. Glad to find some like minded people who can see the bigger picture when it comes to gaming as a whole, and not just what's hot right now.
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DragonKnight  +   978d ago
I love old school games. Sometimes I get a burnout from the newer games and get into a rut where I won't play anything for a long time. A lot of the times when I feel those moments coming on, I'll play older games like some SNES games on an emulator, or PS1 games as well. Hell, I'll even go back and play NES games too. It's good to go back every now and then, some of those games have ideas that are superior to the stuff we see today.
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