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darthv72  +   1017d ago
I find that
BC is a much needed standard for systems moving forward. Many will say that you dont buy a new system to play old games but if you really think about it, the ability to play the older titles on the newer system effectively doubles if not triples the number of playable titles to someone who is just buying a system.

I guess the big question from the companies POV is can it be done within the new hardware or is something special have to be done to make it work. A few examples of BC that needed special treatment would be something like the Power Base converter for the genesis.

An add-on that let genesis users play master system games. Sure the master system may have gotten the short end when compared to the NES but that didnt mean the games werent worth playing. That was one of the 1st things I got when i got the genesis and I still to this day have my collection of master system games and the PBC.

Nintendo didnt take BC seriously on their consoles until the wii but on the portables it was a standard with the release of the gb color. Being able to play bw gb games on the color system which later evolved into the GBA and still being able to play those older games on it was a sure fire hit. I guess we could say the gb adapter for the snes was a form of bc but not direct bc for NES carts.

Nintendo carried on that trend with the ds playing gba games but left that behind when they made the 3ds but playing ds games on the 3ds is a plus. The wii having cube BC was really nice. Especially if you have a couple of those wavebird controllers.

The big nod, though, has to go to sony and their ps2 being able to play the ps1 games was outstanding. Anyone who didnt have a ps1 but got in on the action with the ps2 had hundreds of quality titles to pick from the ps1 era. The idea of them continuing that trend with the ps3 was a selling point. I know the real selling point was the bluray and promise of much better visuals but still that little feature of BC has its place.

The oddball (IMO) has to be sega. It was like, after the PBC they didnt want to have anything to do with adding convenience to their follow-up systems. Saturn could have played sega cd games or better yet, the DC playing saturn games. But no...

I like the idea of BC and have become somewhat spoiled on it. I know Im not alone in this and when nintendo said the wii-u would play wii games I was genuinely excited. Sure I cant play gc games but i have amassed more wii games now than gc games so it will suffice me when I get one.

The gauntlet was thrown down with sony but then they picked it back up so I really wonder if they will throw it back down for the ps4. And MS...well they did offer a majority of BC support for xbox games so you know eyes will be on them and if their follow-up will have BC as well.
rainslacker  +   1016d ago
I remember the PBC, and had one until I sold my genesis for a TG-16.:) But yeah, Sony was really big on BC and I applauded them for that, and criticized when they took it out. While I don't mind keeping older systems since I've gotten older with more disposable income, it's really nice to have it all in one unit, especially since the PS3 has wireless controllers, and no need for memory cards.

As to the DC playing Saturn games...well that probably would have been cost prohibitive. IIRC, the Saturn had 9 distinct processors in the unit, and was terribly difficult to program for. Also the architecture change from carts to optical meant using a expansion port, which was generally slower than a cartridge port.

It's sad to think that the next PS4 probably won't have BC (except maybe PS1 through software). I'm sure Sony is well aware of the fact their huge PS3 library would help sell the PS4. But today most people aren't willing to pay the extra price. I also believe that BC in general becomes less important as the generation moves on, because it is only a small percentage of us that actually does play these old games.

As far as MS, it's hard to say. I believe the nextBox is close enough in architecture to the last one that they can most likely do it without much effort. That being said though, MS doesn't seem terribly interested in providing that service as they seem to care more about the profit than allowing people to play things they don't make money off of anymore. It is good for those that play on Xbox though, so more power to them.

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