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hennessey86  +   1171d ago
All the games nominated
Deserve to be there but I would have liked halo 4 there as well.
Blastoise  +   1171d ago
I thought the nominee's were a bit "meh" to be honest. Good for games like Journey & The walking dead though. They're so...predictable. Assassins Creed check, Mass effect 3 check.

I don't know, I feel it will always be a popularity contest. It's a shame that some of the lesser known titles get no look-in when lazy games like Skyrim win by a landslide.

Bethesda - Developer of the year 2011. Absolute joke.
Locksus  +   1171d ago
I wouldn't call Skyrim a "lazy game". Sure, it was, and is a glitchy game, but not by any means lazy. If you look beyond the glitches, you'll see an amazing world with tons to do, an amazing lore, amazing music and spectacular atmosphere.

It is by no means a flawless game, far from it, but it is far from lazy.
Blastoise  +   1171d ago
"you'll see an amazing world with tons to do, an amazing lore, amazing music and spectacular atmosphere"

Not really, I spent hours on Skyrim and after a while I realised I was doing the same thing over and over. The quests are garbage, the combat is repetitive, the world is bland and empty, the levelling up system is flawed, the story is cliche, the children have all the same faces and they seem to have hired about 5 voice actors.

The music IS amazing, but that's about it.
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Locksus  +   1171d ago
That's your opinion, then. True, the main story is nothing spectacular but I've spent about 200 hundred hours on the game, just wandering around without any destination, doing guild quest and so on.

I love the artistic design and the game, to me, looks absolutely breathtaking. Especially at night when you can see the northern lights etc.

Just because you don't like the game, doesn't mean it's bad and lazy. You've got to look at it objectively.

Anyhoo, you have your opinion and I respect it.

By the way, what do you think is the best game of 2012?
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Blastoise  +   1171d ago
Well there were times in Skyrim when I was impressed, the northern lights like you say were pretty awesome. So awesome that I think I saved just to see that little screen of it on my save file. And the moon looked incredible. But I still think its a super lazy game that could have been so much more.

As for the best game of 2012 I really don't know. I haven't played Journey or Halo 4, I thought All-stars was awesome (Based on the Beta) but I'm getting the full game for Christmas. Tekken tag tournament 2 is a christmas present also.

Not a fan of Assassins creed nor Mass effect & I'm waiting for some kind of complete bundle with Borderlands 2.

So for me personally nothing has really shined this year, it's all about 2013 with Bioshock infinite, Animal Crossing New Leaf, The last of us, Beyond, Until Dawn ect

What about you?

Edit: Aaaah GTA V, forgot about that. Almost guaranteed to be a game of the year contender for 2013.
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Locksus  +   1171d ago
I see. Well, for me, this year has been slightly underwhelming. There have been quality release for sure. Dishonored, Mass Effect 3, The Witcher 2 for the 360 and Halo 4, but I don't know, I still feel a little underwhelmed. I might be spoiled by last year's superb lineup of games.

Oh, and Dust: An Elysian Tail was an impressive game and extremely beautiful. Glad to see it was nominated in the Best Arcade Game of 2012 category.

As for next year, I'm anticipating Bioshock Infinite (believe it or not, I found the first 2 Bioshocks to be just good. Not great, but good.) and GTA V, of course. I'm also hoping that either the next Xbox or PS4 will be revealed. I can't wait to see how to games will look on those machines.
OmniSlashPT  +   1171d ago
Blastoise @

Exactly, I played something like 100h in a week, I was completely addicted. Then suddenly I felt bored. Everything felt the same, everything WAS the game. So much content, but with no depth at all. Skyrim is all about addiction and how the world immerses you once you start playing. But story wise is poor, gameplay is clunky, quests are repetitive and even the world starts to seem dull.
shotgun_ps3  +   1171d ago
It took me a while to see how I felt about Skyrim, around about 300 hours over 3 playthroughs actually. What I finally decided was that Skyrim was one of the most absorbing experiences I've had with a game. Literally almost failed uni because of it. And yes it does addict you to it, but it can only do that because of the amount of effort Bethesda put into crafting one of the most dense open worlds ever seen in a game. Skyrim to me is one my favourite RPGs and is in no way a lazy game.

Bethesda on the other hand are some of the laziest developers in the industry, speaking as a PS3 user. I know I'd think differently of them if I was a PC or 360, but I play on PS3 and they have continually shafted us with Skyrim being the worst example. Every other company in the video game industry is able to code for PS3 now. Bioware started out not doing PS3 games this generation yet ME3 looked identical across the board. But Bethesda, one of the greats in the industry, can't tweak their engine to run on PS3 properly.

The realisation I came too was that there are some developers I love; Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Platinum Games. Then there are developers I love just because of their games. And Bethesda and right at the top of that one.

BTW goty next year is between GTAV, Last Of Us and Bioshock Infinite and I'm not ready to call that one.
TuxedoMoon  +   1171d ago
After the last couple of GOTY shows, I gave up. Most of the games nominated were good, but predictable. Though Journey and The Walking Dead are on the list, the list was still a little disappointing. Dishonored was just plain dull, IMO, and wasn't there a whole issue with Mass Effect 3's ending?

A lot of people praised games like Xenoblade and The Last Story, yet it didn't make it for GOTY? That's probably my biggest disappointment and just more evidence of Western domination.
KingKevo  +   1171d ago
Really nice and true post. Thanks for writing it. I can only hope it will win, because it's the most different and pretty much perfect game in every aspect, I cannot find any flaus in the game. They had a vision and they delivered it. It's just polished in every aspect. Some people might find flaws in the game, saying it's too simple or doesn't have a real story (even though it has (actually two, your journey and the cryptic story shown in the cutscenes and on the hidden boards), but that's just what TGC intended. Look at any other game in the category and you can't say that about ony of those games. It's my GOTY too and I can only hope that it will win the award, along with the one's for its OST. I don't want it to win cause it's my personal favorite, but because it's overall the best and most polished entry. You cannot compare it to anything, and that's an achievement in a time where we have mostly 2s, 3s and 4s in a games title. And if it's not a sequel, like Dishonoured it's a lot like other games in sooo many ways, maybe a bit better in terms of actual gameplay. The only proper way to describe Journey to another person would be to tell the person that it's an experience that's never been there and that you will remember for a long time if you just start playing it. And Journey was the first game really that made me talk about my feelings I had while and after playing it rather than the actual game(play) itself. And thats an accomplishment for sure. I could go on forever as well, but let's just end with the assumption, that probably 100% of the people who played Journey feel like it's been one of the best experiences for them in gaming ever.
coolbeans  +   1171d ago
Now if only they could learn to not announce nominees, or at the very least halt the show, until the year is actually over.
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OmniSlashPT  +   1171d ago
I just think Journey should've been nominated for best Multiplayer, it was the most unique experience I ever had with anyone in a video game. The moment you actually understand you're playing with a real person is absolutely ground-breaking and the bonds you create are just something never seen before in a game.

As much as the other contenders have good points and are good games (such as Dishonered and TWD), I think Journey winning would be brilliant, not only for the players and thatgamecompany, but for the industry as a whole. And with the next gen coming, it would be amazing how they'd react to a small downloadable title smashing million dollar triple A titles.
r21  +   1171d ago
How awesome would it be if Journey won in all categories :O
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