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cpayne93  +   1108d ago
Its weird how that desire to buy cod rises in you isn't it? You here friends all talking about it, and you see a bunch of people on your friends list talking and you just can't help but get excited for the game. Then you get it, enjoy it for a week, and it starts to get old. You get tired of running around in circles shooting people.

It's all this dang propaganda, like you said. I do love the spec ops, zombies, and survival mode from cod though. Just don't like the multiplayer. It's just too repetitive, in bad company two you just can't beat the feeling of parachuting over a tank while dropping c4 on it to blow it up. So many epic moments online, that and just how every class plays a different role, just makes the game feel so fresh. Every match feels different.
Bladesfist  +   1108d ago
Agreed, I skipped MW3 because it was garbage and I did not see any meaningful changes from MW2. Black Ops 2 has a good singleplayer, I am not too sure about zombies as I have not played much of it but MP got boring real fast. I much prefer the battlefield MP experience.
Nicaragua  +   1108d ago
This is pretty much how i feel about COD although i managed to resist WAW, Blops, and MW3. That said ive just been and purchased Blops 2 based on that all the reviews say its closer to COD4 which, as you state, was the pinnacle for the series.

The other reason is here in the UK supermarkets always have some kind of crazy price war wheneevr a new COD is released so i managed to pick the game up for £ 25 ($40) which is a bargain for any game. Even if i dont like it i will be able to trade it in or sell it on ebay for much more than that.

As for the game itself then its same old same old. I am having fun with it and i havent had any ”JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THATS SO UNBALANCED !!!” type moments with it yet so its worked out decent value for money. Im very out of practice on the COD way of FPS so i pretty much suck at it but i could see myself putting the time in to get better and maybe joining a clan.

To anyone pondering on buying it – if you hate COD then its nothing new. If you liked COD 4 but have stayed away since then this is a good re-introduction to the series.
retrofly  +   1108d ago
After a 3+ KD/r in MW3, 2.7kd/r in BO and 2.3 in MW3, may KD/r plummeted to 1 in BO2!

Then I found after much searching you can changed your search preferences in game. Switched it to "best" and for me games are 10x better. I'm still sucking, but my KD/r has climbed up to 1.3!

I also think that in this game particularly you are at a massive disadvantage being a low rank, in previous game you could get by ok, but in this until you start unlocking the good stuff you'll get destroyed pretty easily!
e-p-ayeaH  +   1108d ago
No recoil on weapons takes the whole fun out of the game for me.
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Kazru  +   1107d ago
I appreciate the discussion! Thanks to those that had a read so far. Just an update, after playing a few more days. I just want to lay to rest the searching for "best" connection doesn't really help as much as people want people to believe. I've been using this feature since day 1, and my gripes on the lag compensation still remain. I've died further around corners than I've ever seen. I'm trying to find a video that shows a good example of how bad the lag compensation can make the hit detection seem. I will upload it soon.
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Kazru  +   1107d ago
Deleted this comment. You can't actually delete them however...
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Kazru  +   1107d ago
Look at me. Spamming my own comments. I forgot you could embed videos in your post, so I just did that and removed them from the comments. Check out some video evidence of lag compensation in action above!
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retrofly  +   1105d ago
You can't use theater mode as an acurate representation of the game its never showed whats actually happened in a game it always seems to be behind the action.

The 2 clips you show, first, its theater mode so not accurate, 2nd he fired before he was fully ADS with pistol so thats why the shot wasn't accurate. COD does use recoil to spread bullets, just a cone of frie, and where the bullet goes is chance based on the weapon paramets.

The second clip, looks to me like the sniper was twitching off of the target as he took the shot, I'd like to see it in slow motion.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   1106d ago
I am right there with you man. For some reason the encounters in this game feel just wrong.
bunfighterii  +   1106d ago
I had the very first COD on PC, but I didn't own (or play) another COD until Modern Warfare 2 on PS3, and to me that's where the series peaked. Everything felt right in that game, from the map layouts, the spawn points, the perks, killstreaks, and the way it ran so smooth and tight (after a litany of patches, but it got there). I still go back to it every hour and then when friends come over, and the games are still as fun as ever.

I picked up Black Ops the following year and boy was I disappointed. The hit detection issues, servers kept dropping me out, frae rate completely sucked- it just had too many things wrong with it. It became the first game I traded in in 3 years, went towards Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and I can safely say I was glad I did that.

I picked up Modern Warfare 3 and for me, its nowhere near as good as Modern Warfare 2, but still fun, and still runs fine on PS3- no lag, no framerate drops, no frequent disconnects. But the thing that didn't get right was the maps and the spawning- you just keep getting shot in the back, there's no clear 'frontline' in that game like there was in MW2.

Black Ops 2 I'm not going to even bother with. From what I hear, its Black Ops 1's problems repackaged with new modes and guns- but same frame rate issues, same hit detection issues, and same technical hiccups that made Black Ops such a frustrating experience for me. To me, Treyarch either don't care as much about their PS3 fans, or just can't make a smooth PS3 experience- and with so many developers making great, technical masterpieces on PS3 at the moment, there's really no excuse for them to deliver up another 'inferior' version of Call of Duty.
-GametimeUK-  +   1106d ago
Good read, but I don't understand why you keep coming back to a game you seem to not like. I think you have really missed out on Black Ops1. I have played since CoD2 and I have to say that Black Ops1 is easily the best CoD ever made. I enjoy that game so much.

Moving on to the point of you and your friends dropping in KD. A lot of people have dropped in KD. Me, not so much. I am round about a 2KD on Black Ops and MW3 (but I didn't play MW3 much because it was AWFUL). I have got used to the maps and now I am steadily climbing and I have hit a 1.9 since I can get the highest killstreaks in the game. I went 76-3 on one map and it shot me up a lot.

You should set your search preferences to BEST. I did it and I get games with decent connection and I do pull host quite frequently too.
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Intercidona  +   1102d ago
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