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hennessey86  +   656d ago
I won something who hoo I never win anything, thank you :)
RonaldRaygun  +   656d ago
Yay! I need all the help I can get this holiday season :)
Megaton  +   656d ago
Congrats, wieners.
TotalSynthesisX  +   656d ago
Thank you so much! :DDDDD
r21  +   656d ago
Poor JeffBridges....he lost to his evil twin :C
EvilJeffBridges  +   655d ago
r21  +   655d ago
You evil evil man!
cpayne93  +   656d ago
Congrats to the winners. Hopefully I'll get some of that free amazon money someday, preferably from this current month so I'll have some more dough for the Black Friday sales.
-MD-  +   656d ago
I think I'm on the "don't let this guy win" list.

Congrats to winners though.
Convas  +   655d ago
Join the club
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   655d ago
Can we get jackets made?

Also congrats everyone who won.
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Jurat  +   655d ago
Congrats all.
Nate-Dog  +   655d ago
SeraphimBlade  +   655d ago
Yay! Thanks to those in charge! Congrats to the other winners!
Shani  +   655d ago
Congrats to all winners...
Cam977  +   655d ago
Thankyou so much, I've enjoyed visiting this site, commenting and reading the articles. By the way, I'm new. I used to visit and Eurogamer but switched to N4g due to the community and wider variety of news available. Once again, thanks.
Cat  +   655d ago
Then congrats AND welcome!
Cam977  +   654d ago
Thanks, would you please mind telling me how I claim the prize?
Cat  +   654d ago
You responded to the contest ticket with the necessary info, so you'll receive an email notification within a couple weeks with the Amazon gift card code!
coolbeans  +   655d ago
Dang it, Cat! I thought making a brand-spanking new birthday thread for you would've earned me infinite comments for last month. I even wrote a poem for this event (which my mom says is the sharpest piece I've written yet):

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Hope your birthday was full of surprises
Now gimme' more prizes!

Seriously though, congrats to all winners. :)
Cat  +   655d ago
Aw, I missed my bday thread :( I was stuck in a Minneapolis airport...

[scampers off to find it]
MacDonagh  +   655d ago

This is good right?
cpayne93  +   655d ago
No man, amazon gift cards are baaaaaad lol.

Great blog by the way, I figured it would be a winner.
MacDonagh  +   655d ago
I was just really surprised when I was notified I got a notification. There were some great blogs in September.
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EvilJeffBridges  +   655d ago
LostDjinn  +   654d ago
Congratulations to all the winners. I can't think of anyone more deserving...except me.

Damn it Cat! It's not funny anymore now gimme!!!11!1!
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