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-Mezzo-  +   1231d ago
Contest announcement a week earlier than usual.



A Contest Idea:

Top Contributor Gets $100 & 5 Bubbles.

God Knows I Need Them.
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nrvalleytime  +   1231d ago
Really enjoy the work moderators do around here to keep the place running.

Contests are just a little extra treat.

@Mezzo. You've been bubbled up. Boom.
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Christopher  +   1231d ago
I agree with Mezzo, we should give $100 to the top contributor and take as many of his or her bubbles as possible.
cpayne93  +   1230d ago
...Take? Well actually that's not such a bad trade.
NintendoLegend  +   1231d ago
... huh. Neat.
TrendyGamers  +   1231d ago
Lots more chances for contributors to win!
Megaton  +   1231d ago
I like money.
Rage_S90  +   1229d ago
Rigged confirmed!
LostDjinn  +   1231d ago
Still waiting on those chests of gold Cat.

As for everybody else, good luck and stay the &#@% away from my gold!!
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jambola  +   1230d ago
can anyone answer a question please
i just comment to have a winning chance right?
thebudgetgamer  +   1230d ago
Yes everytime you comment it goes toward you potentially winning a prize, unless it's marked as trolling then it does not count.
jambola  +   1230d ago
does that mean i can still do the same for the next 3 days for the september contest
thebudgetgamer  +   1230d ago
Yes you can.
thebudgetgamer  +   1230d ago
There should be a prize for worst blog, I would be a shoe in for that.
-MD-  +   1230d ago
Gimme dat $50 gift card.
Megaton  +   1230d ago
Disagree. Give it to me.
coolbeans  +   1230d ago
Are you going to use my idea [listed in previous contest blog] to get more users' attention? If so, I believe one of -Mezzo-'s bubbles will suffice as a reward.
Rage_S90  +   1229d ago
Yes, we should take bubbles from mezzo and Skv monthly.
A7XfangoDeathbat  +   1229d ago
Wow now we have ads for fake prizes on N4G
And your even a real person!
don't tell lies dude
"Post it on the Forum" XD
A7XfangoDeathbat  +   1229d ago
lol oh wait ur a bot @.@
A7XfangoDeathbat  +   1229d ago
ugh im confused @.@
Emilio_Estevez  +   1229d ago
I think you're lost A7. This is an official contest held by N4G and Cat that happens every month. 100% legit, Amazon $ will be given.

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