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darthv72  +   954d ago
i'm a big retro fan but...
while I commend your efforts. What can you offer that hasn't been shown before?

Just a suggestion, stear clear of the typical titles everyone knows about. Go for the more obscure ones. The lesser known titles that many would not have hear or played.

Something like Undead Line which was not released in the US but its actually a cool game. Like i said, it's just a suggestion.
Shnazzyone  +   949d ago
Still waiting on my 4th episode to get approved. That one is mostly obscure titles including a little known game called, Divine Sealing. Actually, most of the show's focus is obscure games so I implore you to give it watch when and if it ever gets approved as a blog post.

The show has been purposefully skipping common knowledge games thusfar.

Here's the newest episode if you don't want to wait for people who can approve to look over the blog.

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Jurat  +   953d ago
Thanks for sharing; I pumped countless hours into on Desert Strike as a kid.

I’ll be sure to sub your channel when I can get a decent YouTube app on iOS6.
Shnazzyone  +   949d ago
Well a new episode is up now. It is just taking too long for N4g to approve it. Might just show this on screwattack and post it as news. Though I feel like less folks could see it then.

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