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Jurat  +   972d ago
Apologies if this blog post seems a big self-indulgent. I’ve just had so much fun reading about other peoples’ experiences that I wanted to document my own little story for posterity.

NB. I sourced the parts for my budget rig from Tek Syndicate’s video which was recently posted on this site (“How to build a $375 gaming rig”).

If you have the time/money/inclination, I would highly recommend experiencing DayZ first hand. It is, without doubt, the most unique and involving game I have ever played. This is the zombie game we’ve always wanted.
coolbeans  +   972d ago
I would definitely love to pick it up in the future. Thanks for posting your experiences.

Your blog and bladefist's older blog on it make me quite envious. >:(
thorstein  +   972d ago
Not at all. This is better than a review. This lets me know more about how great this game is. If only "journalists" were as talented as you, good sir.
Jurat  +   972d ago
Thanks coolbeans. It was actually Bladesfist’s original blog post that prompted me to get serious about playing this mod.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   972d ago
Similar to when I first started playing it.
Truly one of the most effective mods ever made, a standalone game is on the way I hear.

They should bring it to consoles, everyone should be able to play this.
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Sketchy_Galore  +   972d ago
Forget user blogs, this is just a good piece of zombie fiction. Well done.
Bladesfist  +   971d ago
I really enjoyed reading your blog and am glad you are enjoying the game. I am still playing it quite regularly giving this free mod more hours played than most of the games I own on steam. Good luck out there. It's a dangerous world.
theEx1Le  +   971d ago
The stories vary, but the result is usually always the same with your first Dayz experience. Its is quite simply gripping, intense and addictive. Thanks for the excellent write up :)
specialguest  +   971d ago
That was one well written and engaging blog.
Jurat  +   971d ago
Thanks Guys
Live_4_Gaming  +   970d ago
I was intrigued the whole time reading, I've sat on the fence about buying the game but now after reading your piece, I'm definetely going to. Thanks!
acemonkey  +   963d ago
i just now started to play i am so lost right now lol

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