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searchbuzz  +   824d ago
I got one, yay!
KreepyKritter  +   824d ago
Steampunk MMO? Yes plzkthxbai!

Seriously though, it's an interesting concept that hasn't really been done before. Taking the classic D&D races (minus dwarves and halflings) and putting them in a fantasy steampunk setting sounds pretty damned cool. Love to get into the Alpha for this.
gibbed  +   824d ago
I say.
oldfatty38  +   824d ago
The gameplay videos look better than the concept art...lets hope so...

nyobzoo  +   823d ago
I would like to try it out
CoS_Ethan  +   823d ago
Hey guys, it's Ethan with Mechanist Games, indie developer for City of Steam. Now the server is open, if you've received a key, enjoy the game NOW.
CoS_Ethan  +   823d ago
We got so many people entering into the game, so be patient guys!
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Parable  +   822d ago
Would love one.
blackmore15  +   822d ago
This is a comment, and this game is gonna be good
Demanon  +   822d ago
Hey I would love to have one,
Sincerely Demanon.
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themarkedONE  +   822d ago
have to say im really impressed,i thought a browser based game couldn't look so good
Jankins114  +   822d ago
gimme some of dat steampunk
SandWitch  +   822d ago
Wise2304  +   822d ago
This game looks great!
I would love a key if you had any spare
I would love a key if you had any spare please sorry I posted this twice
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I am a Warders
SlapHappyJesus  +   821d ago
Very late to this party, it seems.

Either way, a key would be very much appreciated, considering you have any more to give that is.
9999iiiioooo  +   821d ago
Is it to late???
OMG can i have a key if you've still got one spare
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roflcoptersss  +   821d ago
I am dying to get an alpha key, I have looked all over the internet... I hope so that I am lucky for once!!
manchesterman22  +   820d ago
Love these kind of games would be really grateful for a key
Ryatta  +   820d ago
I love the atmosphere of the game from the images, hopefully they're playing around with more then just the visuals of this MMO though, lets hope for some unique features
awol_lsd  +   820d ago
can i get an alpha key
roflcoptersss  +   819d ago
OH MY GOD IS IT TOO LATE?!!? :O I dont hope so.... :( does anyone know if they are still giving away keys????? I want one sooo bad!!
TheScottishSpotter  +   819d ago
Looks very cool. Would love a shot at this.

Good luck everyone! :-)
liran  +   818d ago
Thanks, hope to get a key for this leet game!
neokrawl  +   817d ago
I'd love to try it.
neokrawl  +   817d ago
Like I said, I'd LOVE to try it.
Zanec  +   817d ago
looks nice
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