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gedapeleda  +   1301d ago
My body is ready
come at me code.
revengemadmax  +   1301d ago
ill join let me in! ive been following this for ages!!!
Tomdc  +   1301d ago
yes please!!!
Hawkred63  +   1301d ago
I love mmorpgs, give it to me, now!
adobe250  +   1301d ago
Meeee toooo!! Please I love steam punk!
dragonopt1  +   1301d ago
Looks great, I'd love to play it!
Trenta27  +   1301d ago
centaureas  +   1301d ago
can i haz beta key? :3
gameguyr  +   1301d ago
Hi there, i'd very much like to recieve a key. I deserve one because i have a lot of experience in testing beta's :-)
Good luck to everyone!
jmobley  +   1301d ago
i'm hyped!
shauzy  +   1301d ago
dragonyght  +   1301d ago
Waiting to get my next mmo fix, want to give it a try
krazeecain  +   1301d ago
Looks good, Icanhazalphakeyplz?
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1301d ago
Should be a fun try of a new mmo :) Key pl0x
Variox  +   1301d ago
Looks interesting. I would love a key to test this game :)
puresoulma  +   1301d ago
wirapuru  +   1301d ago
Unique and interestinf! I even changed my avatar loo LOOK <<< I'm a Alpha/Beta Keys slut indeed, please send me one! =]
maxx1223  +   1301d ago
looks interesting, would love to have a key to try this out.
Mikerra17  +   1301d ago
looks good please i want one
Teajae  +   1301d ago
Can I have a key please :3
scottd  +   1301d ago
I would love to check this one out.
xfuturax  +   1301d ago
i would love to try this game. it looks like a fun game.
Semyaz13  +   1301d ago
I have checked out the City of Steam website and watched their videos on youtube. The game looks great and I really like the Steampunk spin on an MMORPG. If I could get in on the beta would be awesome that is if you have a key to spare.
iClenchTatas  +   1301d ago
I want a key to the game please.
Cordi  +   1301d ago
I've been under a video game dry spell for the last 3 months. Surprisingly though, after I've read Sephris' blog post, this game immediately shot up to one of my most anticipated games (believe me, it's been a LONG time since I've anticipated a new game). Hope the company gets the praise and acclaim they deserve with the care and hardwork they put into the game. Not to mention their unbelievable free-to-play offer.
themarkedONE  +   1298d ago
hi cor :D
aiguo  +   1301d ago
om can i get one? thx!
Winkle92  +   1301d ago
Oh yeah! Gimme please!
Rakushael  +   1301d ago
Looks promising. Would definitely love the chance to get in on the alpha.
coolbeans  +   1301d ago
I beseech thee, o merciful admin, avatar of cheerful demeanor and eyes like that of black obsidian, to impart one of these alpha codes to such a hapless poster as me.

No, surely even the menial task of PMing me a code is too much to ask of this undeserving wretch. How could I have thought Cat would relinquish digits worth more than all of King Midus' gold to me?

Woe is me in this time of anticipation!
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Unmaker  +   1301d ago
A Steampunk themed MMO? Sounds amazing. I've always loved the steampunk style.
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