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WeskerChildReborned  +   1306d ago
I don't think the PS4 or 720 will cost more than $400 cause anything more like $500 - $600, i could just buy a gaming PC and use that. I think the highest price the 720 and PS4 will be is about $350 - $400.
Bladesfist  +   1306d ago
Yes but most people do not have the technical knowledge to buy a PC unfortunately. The price to what you can do ratio is off the roof atm.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1306d ago
Yea i don't know what the consoles will come out too but i do know that anything below $400 is an attracting price for me.
trancefreak  +   1301d ago
I wonder if this time MS and Sony go with different skus again. One fully loaded for a steep price and a 2nd for entry level so you can upgrade later.

I think Sony and MS both know which prices seem to work from the last gen so It Shouldn't be as quite expensive but not to far off.

Even if they are priced high in the beginning we know they wont be in stock and if someone is desperate they will pay up to 3 times the amount on eBay. Supply and demand.
jessupj  +   1305d ago
I completely agree with you Ulf.

I've been trying to say the same thing for a while, but you've worded it a lot better.

The difference between the wii and the HD consoles this gen was significant enough for virtually all 3rd party developers to not port their games.

My biggest fear is if said 'difference' isn't significant enough next gen. Because if the wii u is still very much underpowered but still close enough, we're going to see a lot of developers catering to the lowest common dinominator and release horrible ports on the PS4 and 720.

I will not be a happy camper if that happens.
taquito  +   1304d ago
if ps4 and 720 are not at least $500 they will be severely underpowered

even at $600 a pop they will be significantly less powerful than a two year old gaming pc
Ulf  +   1303d ago
Remember that consoles are sold for basically 0 profit, unlike PCs. A $500 console would have the components of a PC that ran around $750 at retail prices, more than likely.

Also, the lightweight OSes, and lack of all the background processes, on consoles makes memory much less of a concern. 4GB of console CPU+GPU memory equates to more like 8GB of combined memory in a PC. On a 8GB PC, you just can't count on having 4GB available for your game, without risk of having it paged out from time to time, or being horribly fragmented by other process' heap allocations. On a console, you can have a guarantee, and that makes a big difference. The motherboards, likewise, don't need as much crazy support as a PC board (ports, expansion slots, extra memory slots, extra drive controllers, etc.), and are likely much cheaper, while not suffering from the performance flaws of the cheap PC boards.

In the end, you can build a decent gaming rig for $700-$750, and honestly, anything better/hotter would likely not survive most people's livingrooms or terrible console placement. ..and it'll be even easier to build a good rig, on the same budget, this time next year.
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taquito  +   1303d ago
while i agree with much of what you are saying, the lightweight os idea you can throw out the window, look at ps3's web browser. it is downright terrible, the console guys will have full blown web browsers on next gen machines, also, back end processes like netflix, facebook, youtube, ect all soaking up ram, not to mention some kind of streaming service, gaiki, onlive,'s a wildcard ive been thinking about, what is ps4 or 720 nab a deal with steam???? hmmmmm....tasty cakes :)

people need to remember, consoles are always playing catchup, there will be a nice, fully bloated os on ps4/720

that is a good thing though, id rather use my iphone to browse the web than the ps3, but i look forward to being able to have only one machine on at a time, as whenever i used to game on my ps3/360 (i never do anymore, dark souls was the last console game i wanted, and dammit if it isnt coming to pc) i always had either my laptop or desktop on for work, friends, steam, chat, webcam chat ect......
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