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Megaton  +   653d ago
"June winners"? There was a June contest?
SeekDev  +   653d ago
What does that little face beside it mean? I'm not good with internet faces :S <-- except for that one.
TheDareDevil  +   652d ago
There wasn't a contest in june. Probably a mistake or maybe not

*ninja face*
SeekDev  +   652d ago
You heard it here first, folks. No June contest.

*cooperative ninja face*
pixelsword  +   651d ago
What's a "Ninja face"?

*stumped face*
thebudgetgamer  +   653d ago
Us forumites have been pushed aside.

Cat  +   652d ago
Sorry it wasn't made clear, but the Comment Lottery includes Forum posts!
thebudgetgamer  +   652d ago

coolbeans  +   652d ago
Will DQ's occur in the same fashion as well?
I've never received a restriction from the forum portion of this site, but I'm guessing a temporary or permanent ban would work the same way.

If so, that's unfair b/c Smokey might become drunk with his power and temp. ban those who annoy 'em on forums: everyone. :'(
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Cat  +   651d ago
Yeah, coolbeans, a restriction from the forums works the same - and don't worry, Smokey has been drunk with power since early 2001. He's a functioning megalomaniac.
coolbeans  +   653d ago
Smart idea to spread out the winnings into $50 prize packets in order to award more winners. Can't wait to see what interesting comments/blogs/reviews are brought up for this month.

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SKUD  +   653d ago
TheModernKamikaze  +   652d ago
Dat Name.
Hufandpuf  +   652d ago
Dat avatar.
TheModernKamikaze  +   652d ago
Goof luck once again guys!
TheModernKamikaze  +   652d ago
hahaha did not see that sorry guys!
Megaton  +   652d ago
Cat kept the June contest to herself. Should have noticed the signs.
Sarobi  +   651d ago
A contest that involves me doing nothing but check the site every 24 hours... Pfftt I visit this site every hour or so!
aDDicteD  +   651d ago
good luck to everyone! ^_^
Zhuqiaomon  +   651d ago
yeah...good luck to all of us ! :)
WildArmed  +   651d ago
I can be loyal, I promise!
-Mezzo-  +   649d ago
Time to be on Top Again.
Emilio_Estevez  +   646d ago
I hate the contributor contest when it's like this. It just makes people submit as many things as possible; regardless of quality, content, how old it is or how relevant. The community gets stuck trying to sift through all the garbage. That is one of the things that gets this site a bad name, people are looking for those stories very intensely now.
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