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Christopher  +   1099d ago
I've yet to write up my tour of the game, but here's a bit of what I experienced.

First, this game is in Alpha, not Beta, Alpha. So, there's a lot missing.

Now, that said, if you're a fan of NWN and have been looking for an MMO version of it that's also F2P (pay to advance faster, not pay to be better model), this is looking like a really good option. The world itself is detailed but loads quickly. It's very much a combination of Steam Punk and Sword & Some Sorcery. The leveling is done through skill trees (one tree at start, another opens at 10 and another at 20), which you unlock, level up, and even boost (I found some oil that helped me with my ability). Every character has a defensive, dual wield, and two-handed fighting style. Dungeon areas offer some hidden doors that you have to find to explore further. Quests and dungeons offer branching elements, where you will be met with an option to go down one of two stairs, each one resulting in different questing options. You can also repeat quests if you want to check out the other option or prefer the result of the other.

This is not a HQ graphics game like Tera or Rift. This is a game about dungeon crawling with some good ole Steam Punk classes.

Probably the one thing that would make this a killer game would be the ability for players to create their own dungeon areas for people to experience. It really is user-friendly and I know there are ton of old school NWN mod makers who would love to do what they've done on a much larger scale and in a persistent world.
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thorstein  +   1099d ago
A) How the hell did you get so many bubbles?
B) Thanks for the write up. Sounds like the perfect game for me.
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MattyG  +   1096d ago
I think it would be really awesome to get the tour. I love to support indie developers and dungeon crawling games are some of my favorite. Also, I'm an editor at a small gaming site, so after the tour maybe I could write up an article about what I saw. This would give some positive "publicity", for lack of a better word. Overall, I'd just be ecstatic to see this new game (which looks fantastic) and be able to tell others my thoughts of it. I hope you pick me, thanks for reading!
CoS_Ethan  +   1096d ago
Hey, I'm Ethan with Mechanist Games, the indie developer of City of Steam. That was actually quite well written.If possible, I'd like to encourage you to re-post this on our forum (here: so we can keep better track of this one!
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MattyG  +   1096d ago
Oh wow, thank you very much Ethan. I will definitely be re-posting this to the forums!
CaptainCamper  +   1091d ago
Every now and then you get an indie title that deserves as much attention as the biggest AAA titles, City of Steam is one of those titles. Having covered it for an MMO portal, I've watched a couple of videos as well as viewing the fact shit, and the plethora of features combined with the excellent browser graphics definitely make this one to watch out for. Best of luck to Mechanist Games!

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