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SeekDev  +   1327d ago
Great points. Compared to the consoles, PC has had a few decent leaps in graphics. I'm talking about Shogun 2, The Witcher 2, Battlefield 3, etc. But not enough to warrant a huge leap in console graphics. Then again, I think with games like Metro: Last Light, Bioshock: Infinite, and Far Cry 3 coming this year and next (actually, are any of them coming this year?) we'll probably see a huge leap in overall graphics. Consider that PC recently got the 600 series from Nvidia, and the 7000 series from AMD, so developers tend to up the graphics when stuff like that comes out (over a long period of time, however).

Whoever wants better than UE4 is being a little unrealistic. Half the trouble of the engine is running the particle effects and the lighting. Stuff like that absolutely destroys my PC rig, it's tough stuff to optimize efficiently. I'm not saying it's impossible to improve, but one step at a time. Ya know? I'd rather good frame rates and particle effects/lighting than bad framerates and better particle effects/lighting.

No comment on what the companies need to do, that's above my pay grade.
ZoyosJD  +   1326d ago
On one hand,I think your absolutely right about people having unrealistic expectations, on the other how can we not with todays games. How much next gen suprises us will just be determined by hardware.

On critisizing of the console makers, you are critisizing in all the wrong places.

Nin is making a whole new console based on a new type of gameplay and yet still manage to keep the classic gameplay style. I do agree about story though, they need a refresh there.

Microsoft lacking in new ways to play...maybe hardcore games, but just look at kinect. If your "too hardcore" for kinect and want new ways to're just acting ignorant.

Sony, really, these guys are pulling out all the stops. They don't just have cinamatic games (back to this in a sec), just look at their PSN exclusives: the unfinished swan, journey, flow...and other games like LBP, infamous, etc.

Do you know what happens when you take the remote out of a moviegoers hand? It keeps playing. Out of a gamers hand? nothing. That is what makes the experiences in "cinamatic" games so increadible. You don't have complete control, yet you still control all the subtle things that make up the parts of a increadible experience, whichever system you might be playing on.
s45gr32  +   1326d ago
Very good blog, yeah sony's exclusives tend to get a bit cinematic mainly due it borrows from Sony's movie heritage i.e. Columbia, Tristar, and Sony Pictures to name a few. Meaning Sony has had plenty of experience when it comes to movies and brought that experience to gaming. I also agree with Sony listening to their user base a bit too much the same user base that wanted a $300.00 system and opted for remastered editions of say PS2 games as opposed to backwards compatibility. I do want to point out that amongst cinematic exclusives lies great artistic exclusives for PS3 like:

Infamous Franchise

See what I mean the problem with Sony is it does not utilize the features the PS3 offers to its full potential or even bother using them at all. Like the PS3 is capable of utilizing keyboard and mouse without the need of an adapter; yet, like 3 games or less use keyboard and mouse as an option to play say games. Instead brought the move wasted money, marketing, etc. on a device that wasn't needed.......

Nintendo pretty spot on and Microsoft well no arguing there either. I mean kinect is just a wii motion control rip-off same motion game titles as the wii different name. Story along with better facial expressions is vastly needed in say games plus variety innovation yet keep say games entertaining that is my two cents.
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thorstein  +   1326d ago
I can imagine some "innovation:" Solid State Drives, for example. I do think the Dev cycles are going to get longer and longer. There isn't much more you can do with sound and graphics are still being pushed on the current gen.

Good blog.

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