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SignifiedSix  +   1012d ago
Lol, of course its by a fanboy. Has it ever popped into your head that Microsoft is probably saving exclusives for next gen? Probably not.
Nes_Daze  +   1012d ago
Really? Now why would they be "saving exclusives" for so long? It has been quite a while since Sony took the lead in software. Second, how do you know that's why their system lacks new exclusive ips? Do you work for them? Maybe they just know they can get a way with releasing a few exclusives, because they have been.
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ABizzel1  +   1012d ago
No they still care about the core, they're just not their focus.
maniacmayhem  +   1009d ago
Or maybe the system is on its last leg (six years)and MS is focusing on another system.

How do you know MS isn't doing this? Do you work for them?
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rob6021  +   1012d ago
Saving timed exclusives and only for a the first part of next-gen, just like this one. I think we know their game well now.
Blastoise  +   1012d ago
Saving them since like, what? 2008?
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1011d ago
so true.
What good is it having an 360 if they are "saving exclusives" for next gen?
Godmars290  +   1009d ago
Wasn't the same said around the 360's launch?
dedicatedtogamers  +   1008d ago
As for me, I'm just tired of the excuses. I used to own a 360. Got rid of it (due to RRoD) about the time Mass Effect 2 came out, and ever since then, I've not once seen a compelling reason to pick one back up. Of course, my situation is my own. The 360 is a great console to buy if it's your first, if for no other reason than to explore it's huge back-catalog of great games.

But as of right now, I'm sick of the excuses. "Microsoft is saving them for the next system" one guy says. "Why don't you get Kinect?" another says. "Multiplats are bettar anyway!" a third guy says. Why all the excuses? The elephant in the room is that - for the past three years - 360 hasn't had very many (if any) games outside of Forza, Halo, Gears, and Fable. And since those games haven't compelled me to get a 360 three years ago, why would they now?

Say what you will about Sony (and to a lesser degree, Nintendo), but at least their consoles still have new, interesting games coming out for them. Microsoft has quite obviously given up on the fanbase that made the 360 popular in favor of a quick cash-grab for the soccer moms who've grown tired of Wii Fit.

That said, if you like indie games and you don't want to get a PC (for whatever insane reason), a 360 makes a great indie-game machine, because they've never stopped making good indie games for it. Is that enough for me to buy the system? Nope. 95% of the indie games on XBL that are worth a look are on Steam already, but again, if you don't like the idea of playing on PC, well, 360 is an ok alternative.
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tee_bag242  +   1008d ago
I bought my 360 soley for Forza and Left for Dead 2. I have built up a big collection of games over the years anyway but none were really console exclusives

I still play Forza but this new one from e3 is simply milking the NFS crowd. Im tired of the MS milking.
L4D2 I now play on PC because I grew bored of waiting for the new maps..which still havent come (so I play them on PC now).
Its partly Valves fault, but more so MS since they dont allow Valve to pass DLC for free to their users.
MS are a nasty company for alot of the Devs to deal with in these areas.
The problem as I see it is, instead of buying off random 3rd party companies for timed exclusives they should have invested that money in creating new IPs.
They have nothing now. These XBlive games are rubish junk. 90% of the those are games started their life being designed for Phones. Nothing for me to look forward to because i dont get off on Halo 4 reach around. I played Halo 1 & 2 and that was enough.
But I'll still play Forza.
Nes_Daze  +   1012d ago
I see what you mean, I bought an Xbox360 4 months ago, made the mistake of buying it with madden 12 and Live. I wish there was a way of switching that Live account for a Plus account. Those minor features in live are great, but not worth $50 when I can get free games with Plus and much more. I will surely buy an MS product again next gen to try it out, but right now, I just can't keep up with two consoles, so PS3 is the best option for me.
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Kratoscar2008  +   1012d ago
Thanks a Lot, you have made up my mind to never own an X-BOX (Its not sarcasm).

People could say you are a fanboy but you clearly arent, the X-BOX brand has been a failure as of late, apart from Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable there is little reason to own an X-Box in the future or now.

Where the Hell is killer Instinct? MS owns probably one of the most imaginative developers out there and why i havent seen a new KI or Conquer game? Big Epic failure.
Ravenor  +   1011d ago
MS owns the name and zombiefied shell of what was one of the most imaginative developers out there.

RARE ISN'T THE SAME PLACE, COULD WE ALL STOP SAYING "Ohhh but where is Rare?" They aren't going to do any more then what they are currently doing.
Kratoscar2008  +   1011d ago
i have wished NINTENDO had buyed RARE, is a shame really, for some reason NINTENDO didnt get rare after Goldeneye success.
tehpees3  +   1012d ago
Kratoscar is right. Microsoft have IPs. They just don't use them. This article saved me the trouble of addressing this. Just 3 years ago Microsoft made their position known. Now look at them. From my view it doesn't even seem like they know where they are going any more.

Some think that Microsoft will just drop Kinect like a rock but they won't. Its playing a big part in their way forward (almost to the point where people have argued they shoe horn features in). They put out a few exclusives a year and then rely on multiplats. All the time they are putting into this kinect shovelware could be better used to making other sequels they seem to have forgotten about or bringing new IPs. And the best you can come up with is a Nike game? Really?

I am almost certain the next xbox will be next generations Wii.
MacDonagh  +   1012d ago
I've been disappointed by Microsoft for a long time due to their preoccupation with the Kinect and the lack of interesting IPs. The only thing that has kept me going for the last few years at all was the indie marketplace with their plethora of unique interesting games, but they've gotten to the stage where instead of encouraging would-be indie developers by giving them a stage to show off their creativity; they have decided instead to give Sky, various video/music apps and advertisements for MW3 top priority instead. I'm not saying that everything the Indie marketplace has created has been amazing, but Apple Jack, Aban Hawkens and so many titles deserve far more recognition than anything else they currently got in the marketplace.
jessupj  +   1012d ago
I've been saying this for a while now and I saw this coming a long time ago. MS doesn't have any passion for gaming, they're purely concerned with profits, so as soon as I saw the success of the wii I knew it was only a matter of time before MS wanted some of that juicy casual pie for themselves.

Sony on the other hand, has a real passion for gaming. I bought my PS3 early on and while it was a bit rocky for a moment there I had no doubt Sony would pull through.

And look where we are now...

MS has made it very obvious where their priorities lie. Honestly, if you're serious about gaming, you'll get a ps4 next gen.
Ravenor  +   1011d ago
Oh man, I guess I must have hallucinated that Wonderbook presentation at Sony's event.

Sony and MS are all about profits, don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise. It's unhealthy.
jessupj  +   1011d ago

Yes, that one little presentation out of that one E3 means sony only cares about money...

Of course Sony cares about profits, but they also care about games. If you can't see that I honestly don't know how to could explain it to you. But if you enjoy playing halo, gears, forza and fable over and over then good for you.
Ravenor  +   1011d ago
Funny, I say something that could be construed as negative towards Sony, so I must be some kind of Xbox troll.

The most interesting games Sony had like Unfinished Swan and Dyad, weren't at the press conference. What they did show game wise at the conference with the exception of The Last of Us was pretty samey. Beyond might be okay, but I wasn't the biggest fan of Heavy Rain.

To say Sony cares about games is like saying Ferrari cares about wheels. Of course they do, without games or wheels these expensive chassis and engines go nowhere and do nothing and nothing will be sold. Sony cares about games purely because games have the potential to create profit.

If there was no money involved, Sony, MS and Nintendo would drop each and every one of us without a second thought and barely a thank you. It's a business, and this isn't a magical land. Business is about money, plain and simple.
PHIBALNATION  +   1012d ago
You guys keep saying free games from $ony, you do know if you don't pay the $50 every year the games are disabled and you can't play them anymore, CORRECT? You are pretty much renting games for $50 a year from $ony. I just bought uncharted 3, a exclusive from naughty dog. It's more cutscenes, than actual gameplay, thought I was watching a movie. Zipper interactive was shut down. No more socom or mag exclusive, GT5 was a disgrace, you have kids game little big planet, that gets old in 5 minutes. resistance is a terrible shooter, and Infamous is repetitive and boring in 5 mins. Killzone isn't too bad, but terrible controls. I don't understand the $ony fanboys rant on having all these exclusives. Halo sells more copies than all $ony exclusives together.
pixelsword  +   1012d ago
No offense, but those complaints don't really apply to anything substantial.

$50 a year to rent multiple games is a lot better than $50 a year to merely play online and talk to friends, which I don't do while I play anyways.

I don't think you've played Uncharted with a comment like that,

Xipper is down, but Socom and MAG can be done by other people, just like Halo is done by someone other than Bungie.

GT5 was said by a famous car gaming site that the gameplay looks better than cut-scenes for PC games, and that's saying something.

You probably haven't played LBP, so your point is invalid due to inexperience and also if it was bad, they wouldn't have made a second game plus a racing game based upon the first game.

You probably haven't played Resistance 3, because you can't say how Resistance is a bad shooter, and you don't even bother to put a number down. I own all three and enjoy all three, except I wish R3 had more people like R2, but that's my only gripe.

I also own Infamous, and that's a really good game; as soon as I get some free cash, I'm buying that one as well. It's the only decent superhero game out this gen bar none.

Most Killzone 2 player didn't complain about bad controls, and even if they did, that was Killzone 2. Killzone 3's controls are as tight as any shooter you can name, so that also proves you haven't played that one either because you also didn't list which killzone because you probably didn't know, or you did know and you knew that you were full of it by bringing up an old game. That's like saying Halo's graphics sucks compared to Killzone 2.

I'm a fan of Halo, so I don't mind saying the real deal about Halo: Halo is great, but it will always sell a lot more because not only is it a great game, but it's a great game on a console with very few exclusives.

It's also not a stretch to say that Gears of War will also sell more than a lot of Sony exclusives as well. If you got two things to look forward to all year, it's going to sell well and you'll have enough money to recover in between the two things. I like shooters, so it's those two. If a person liked racing games, it's that one, so it will sell well. Nine to twelve exclusives each year for five years straight is a financial strain: you find the exclusives you like and stick to 'em. Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, blah blah blah and some multiplats.
Imalwaysright  +   1011d ago
"only decent superhero game out this gen bar none." Do yourself a favor and play both Batman games.
pixelsword  +   1010d ago
@ Imalwaysright

You're not right this time; at least not to all Batman fans.

Infamous and Batman about the same for me in terms of quality in game mechanics, but Batman could've been better in several ways in terms of character treatment.

* Batman had a really good plot, but from someone who used to be a comic book fan of batman, they've kinda let me down in several aspects. The Joker is like lucifer, in that his ego is so big that he thinks he's The Almighty or can be that way. That being said, The Joker wouldn't use the formula on himself at the end because he believes he's the equal to Batman in every way and that he doesn't need an edge. Batman has his gadgets, Joker has his. That fact alone made the ending anti-climatic. Oh yeah; on top of the fact that some fans argue since the Joker is immune to all poisons, it's debatable if it would have even worked on him.

The Joker and Batman represent balance. Batman knows that the Joker isn't insane: Batman knows The Joker is evil. The Joker knows that Batman on some level *is* insane.

* Bane has genius-level intellect, made several martial arts styles, and is a brilliant tactician, but they had him lumbering and dashing at batman. For Bane to have been done right, they should have had him fight Batman toe to toe.

* The Riddler's riddles had no traps that I can recall, as I don't think Batman was ever in danger in solving any of them. To do the Riddler properly, to solve his riddle is to disarm a trap. Taking pictures is hardly worthy of The Riddler.

* Croc moves faster as is more deadlier in the water and he can track someone by scent for miles; the fact they had him running around when he could have totally attacked underwater made that part a little lame.

* Victor Zsasz's M.O. is slitting the throats of his victims, and not once, if memory recalls, does Zsasz put a knife to anyone's throat.

So yeah; Batman was awesome if you just watch the Batman movies; if you've actually read some of the stuff and know something about the character, in terms of details, it ain't all that.

...and it's the details which fans love.

Infamous on the other hand is a clean slate, it didn't try to reinvent the wheel like Prototype did, it had several tried and true plot devices in terms of storyline. Infamous, for one thing, didn't have the burden of accuracy like Batman did, but it did have a burden of giving the feeling that you've read about 20-50 comic books to get to know the character and his abilities, and I think it pulled it off well. The second thins is that you got to grow with Cole not only in terms of his abilities, but in his appreciation of having superpowers and his feeling of responsibility towards the city; that's the difference. Infamous had a very good origin plot, intrigue, betrayal, vengeance, persecution, loss, redemption, Greed, and a smidgeon of drama here and there with a buttload of action.

So yeah, for people who like to read comic books, Infamous was to me the better of the two in that respect.

Batman was really great, but it needed someone to fact-check characters, and it needed a little more work in terms of putting the personalities of the comic book characters in the game.

Was it a great game? Yes! Was it the best comic-book based game? Yes! Was it the best game for fans of the Batman comic book? Not really.
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jessupj  +   1011d ago
Must...resist....feeding.....t roll
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1011d ago
This is one of the most dedicated trolls I've seen on this site.

The comment history contains substantial hatred.

It must suck to be like this....
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1011d ago
I have to agree for the most part but I do have hope that MS will get it together. If not, I still have the PS3 and Wii.
Jazz4108  +   1011d ago
Ms is trying to appeal to everyone andnot just core gamers. Is obvious to them if you want to stick around and make money you can't focus on one group. Sony is learning this but they may go bankrupt first. Enjoy the games that you have instead of complaining and trolling on who's system is better.
Imalwaysright  +   1011d ago
With the money they have surely they could cater equally to both the hardcore and casual. Right now their main focus right is clearly the casual crowd and because of it i wont be buying the nextbox at launch. Ill wait 1 or 2 years to see what their business strategy will be.
wages of sin  +   1011d ago
Microsoft has exclusives, people don't like to include them because they introduce caveats to validate their point.

XBLA and Kinect exclusives count, as well as 360 games that make it to PC. Why shouldn't they? Can I play it on my PS3? No? than it's an exclusive.

Furthermore, having a bunch of exclusives doesn't make them good. Sony is just like MS in that regard: they have about four, core franchises that are their heavy hitters. MS just chose not to lose money on other exclusives that people don't really buy; they leave most of that to XBLA or third party. Sony rose to power on the backs of third party but now somehow, they don't matter? Especially when most third party AAA's are better than PS3 exclusives that I've played, at least outside of those core games (GoW, UC, GT, LBP?).
sjaakiejj  +   1010d ago
If I can play it on PC, it's not an exclusive, as I don't need an Xbox to play it, and it'll probably look and play better on PC as well.

Exclusive titles are those that I can't get on any other platform.
DiRtY  +   1009d ago
People need to stop praising Sony for failing with exclusives. Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Modnation Racers or Sorcery did not sell wel at all.

It is just the internet hyping it up. If only half the people here on N4G hyping a gmae like Starhawk actually bought it, it would have twice as much sales.

Fact is: PS3 gamers don't spend $60 for most of their exclusive games.
Ultr  +   1009d ago
you also need to realise that exactely those games you are mentioning do NOT need to sell like crazy because they have very small developement teams
(this is basically like with every other playstation exclusive, except games that get delayed a lot like GT5 :D)
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BelieveinGhosts  +   1009d ago
I agree with the article. After all i have both consoles and i will turn on my xbox 360 for the first time in 2 years when Halo 4 is released.
However people dont seem to realise that sony has also been guilty of forgetting about its core audience to a lesser extent than microsoft. An example of this is how sony has treated one of its greatest franchises which is Socom. When Socom confrontation was released, it was full of bugs and glitches.
It was immediately clear that an extra year of development was needed to release a truly great socom game. We hard core socom fans wondered why would sony rush a game that could only be rivalled by Metal gear solid and Gran Turismo on PS2 in terms of sales.
The simple answer is that sony only cared about using socom to push sales of its new wireless headset.It didn't matter that the game was only 60% complete.
Then came the release of socom 4, to our surprise again Sony decided to bundle it with a "Sharpshooter" and play station move controller. Again they were using Socom just to push sales of Play Station 3 peripherals. Not only was this bad enough but it turned out Socom 4 had become a casual 3rd person COD inspired game.
At the time of Socom 4's release, COD MW2 had released a few months earlier and had for the first time included a 3rd person mode! This is part of the reason that sales of Socom 4 were so poor. Casual fans would not leave COD just to get a worse 3rd person experience in Socom 4.
We socom fans were outraged at the direction the socom franchise was heading so we demanded that sony release Socom 2 HD. We were ignored for a long time but we were still hopeful that it would eventually be anounced. To our shock, the latest news we heard regarding socom was that Zipper had been shut down by Sony and that the online servers for Socom 1,2 and 3 will be shut down too later this year.
I dont know if any of you guys are socom fans but imagine if one of your favourite exclusives such as Uncharted, resistance, Gran Turismo, Metal gear Solid or Gears of war got handled so badly, which ultimately lead to its downfall and destruction.
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Kratoscar2008  +   1009d ago
Its this gen the problem, for some reason in this gen fans doesnt matter, just see these games:

dead space
resident evil
silent hill
marvel vs Capcom

and more games, its not just Sony, Capcom was one of the most beloved developers and you see what happened in this gen with, almost all developers and that includes Sony have changed their focus toward fans.

Luckyli in Next Gen Sony change that attitude and give you Socom fans the game that you want.
Tyre  +   1009d ago
Most longtime XBL users feel the same fantomena, good opinion piece, ur right! The Core gamers have been used by Microsoft under false pretence to build a marketspace in the Gaming Industry and now we're disposable. It seems like Microsoft was out to steal the direction of the gaming world towards their camp. Luckily Sony doesn't give in to it, they were here since early on and show that they know gamers better than Microsoft. PS Plus is a real service for gamers.
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