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Istoleyourcrayon  +   831d ago
I have already posted once but give me a key or I shall die! I have sat here for the longest amount of time joining ridiculous amounts of contests for a beta key. So I will offer you a deal: I will lop off my arm on video for a beta key.
TwwIX  +   831d ago
Hallo, there! You have beta keys for the Torchlight two?
Very Nice! This is fortunate news for me. I will take two beta keys and one of your womens! Thank you very much!

Please, proceed with transfer of those said goods!
rehashed789  +   831d ago
Ghetto Sithlord  +   831d ago
My cat just recently passed away and with his last breath, he told me that it was his greatest wish to see me get a Torchlight II beta key. I miss you Sparkles!!
cham0d  +   831d ago
I never played Torchlight before. Love to play it for the first time. Love to have it from you guys for the first time. Thanks.
RonaldRaygun  +   831d ago
I need to get into the beta because I won a copy of Torchlight 1 from N4G awhile back. I'm greedy and I need to keep the streak alive! =D
IdleTaxi  +   831d ago
Huge FATE fan, Huge Mythos fan, huge Torchlight 1 fan. Would love to play the beta!
ph00p  +   831d ago
I'll have your babies, I'm a guy we'll have to figure that one out after!
ryu658  +   831d ago
Beta plz?
hello415  +   831d ago
I want torchlight 2!
ph33rsjb1337  +   830d ago
cheaper than d3, and you can have more party members than d3? sign me up! i would like to play a bit of the beta just to see how much of an improvement runic has made 1st hand. i know that i'm going to love this game. keep it up runic!
mep69  +   830d ago
I love games and i'm a huge rpg fan. gimme ^_^
Polvom  +   830d ago
Because I'm much in need of a new game to play.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   830d ago
Want this more than Diablo. Something about Diablo 3 rubs me wrong.
paddystan  +   829d ago
I should win because I already pre-ordered Torchlight 2 from Steam.
joe1113  +   829d ago
I need to join in this beta cuz i really like Diablo type games and I loved Torchlight 1.
joe1113  +   829d ago
Also it SOOOOOOOOOOOO good looking.Better than Diablo 3 maybe....
malmstrom_99  +   829d ago
i beat the hell outta Torchlight, and im excited to play the second one! i played the ranger and the destroyer in the first one, and im planning to do either the outlander, or beserker in the new one! freaking stoked!!!!
leogoonzaga  +   829d ago
I think I can get the key, because I'm from Brazil and the price of the dollar is too high and disables me to buy the steam. Thanks to send me. Thank you! And I saw several livestream on youtube and I loved the game.
zeusfly  +   829d ago
i like it
danielvmacedo  +   827d ago
Mann i want the torchlight II beta key soo bad :/
jjmustoe  +   827d ago
I can't wait for this game.
eclypse  +   825d ago
I want to play Torchlight 2 because i'm a huge fan, and i trully like the univers with some steampunk features reminf me me of arcanuum.
loltonytony  +   824d ago
Loved the first one.
Keyesc  +   824d ago
I screwed around a lot in middle school and got into some horrible school-related habits.
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