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Krypten22  +   1207d ago
I spent countless hours playing Torchlight 1 on my laptop, as it wouldn't run anything else!! When I heard they were making a second one, I knew it was my destiny to play beta! =D
copperfox  +   1207d ago
I love torchlight, number 1 was preety amazing but because it lacked multiplayer none of my friends were interested, but now i have the chance to make them see the light :
Cubez  +   1207d ago
I loved the first Torchlight and would really appreciate the chance too play the Beta of Torchlight II.

I know I came late, I hope I still have a chance.
DaGrim  +   1207d ago
Torchlight 2 here we come :D
Saoshyant  +   1207d ago
I absolutely loved Torchlight 2. Hope I can make it :)
TyreForHyre  +   1207d ago
Long TL fan, just throwing my hat in here.
ellere  +   1207d ago
dkbreen  +   1207d ago
My friend gifted me TL1 and Oh god its amazing. I need to get in this BETA!
Veritas777  +   1207d ago
Torchlight 2 > diablo 3
AttentionHorse  +   1207d ago
I really need to play this, Torchlight 1 is one of my favourite games of all time.
mokinokaro  +   1207d ago
I've played through the first at least 20 times and have in fact boycotted Diablo 3 because I was looking forward to TL2 so much.
Cybertmx  +   1207d ago
A very clever marketing scheme. Count me in!
rookeagle  +   1207d ago
trying my bad luck ;d
fariflux  +   1207d ago
I need to play Torchlight 2 because I love the first game and I'm a huge fan of RPGs and dungeon crawlers.

I've been waiting for this game since it was announced, I just want to play it already. ♥
Dawgmuffin  +   1207d ago
I'm one of the few who actually played Diablo 1 before 2 came out, played them both a ton, and same with Torchlight 1 :D Torchlight 2 looks like the best of the four to me, and I can't wait to play it :P
Sebrinel  +   1207d ago
Would be great to enjoy the game that I got preordered and has too many people talking about it :)
slipshotx  +   1207d ago
I am as excited about this game as I am for diablo 3. I am all about co op but i played the first game endlessly. I would love a chance to help them get this game ready for release.
deadz  +   1207d ago
I want a TL2 Beta key as a gift for my gf, who was absolutely obsessed with the first game. So if I get one, it's for the cause of looooovvvveeee.
denkov  +   1207d ago
Well its quite simple really. Since Diablo doesn't come out until Tuesday, I will have all this time to play the other RPG I've loved to play. Torchlight. Its just now there's actually multiplayer and people to play with!
Todel  +   1207d ago
I know the first was awesome, but I really want to do the second ASAP! Yumm!
mih_tsurt  +   1207d ago
I wish i had one of these keys. I bought Torchlight on XBLA and have played it well over 300 hours. i have also bought it on pc which i did not discover until after i bought it on XBLA because i rarely play pc games. i wish i had a key because Torchlight II could be the game that causes me to expand my gaming horizons and knowledge.
Jofi  +   1207d ago
I loved orginal Torchlight. I bet this one will be awesome too. Watching streams all day liked what I have seen so far!

I want that key to beta so much.. :>
Aroyoc  +   1207d ago
Because I'm "Winning" :) And Torchlight 2 should be an awesome sequel. First Torchlight was epic especially with Uelman's score.
DerThei  +   1207d ago
I want a Beta Key!!!

I want to make a Diabolo III vs Torchlight II Test! :D
maikel19  +   1207d ago
over 75 hours of playing the first game is a pretty good reason, and a way of showing my love, to get the beta key!!!!
DOG as as the pet rules! cat is a pussy!
raic  +   1207d ago
I really liked the original game, especially the very hard difficulty since most games of this type are pretty easy, it was a bit frustrating at times but rewarding.

I would like the beta key since I'm sure to test it properly and afterwards properly bug the developers with the suggestions and stuff i didn't like.
Shoehead  +   1207d ago
Currently hiding in a warehouse trying to set everything up on a phone because I love torchlight but missed the beta
baladec  +   1207d ago
My girlfriend doesn't have a key and I'd love to play co-op with her.
Fuzzilla  +   1207d ago
I've always loved ARPG's, I could use something to pass the time while I try and find a job in this annoying job market. This is why I could really use a beta key.
Torchlight2owns  +   1207d ago
I've been a huge fan of the makers of diablo 1&2, the Fate series, hellgate london, mythos, and now from the same makers torchlight 1&2 so i would love to win a key for this awesome game!!
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