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red402  +   1369d ago
I could go on about how much I deserve a Torchlight 2 beta key, for reasons such as,Creating an account on n4g(a neat website by the way) in hopes to win an elusive T2 Beta key, or how I thought that Torchlight 1 was one of the coolest games I've ever played, and the second one looks 100 times better, or even that I've suggested the game to everyone i know, and how I pre-ordered the game from Steam. But I will not do that. Instead I shall resolve to begging on my knees... Please, please, oh please may I have a Beta Key??? PLEASE?!?, With a cherry on top? :D
Zom21  +   1369d ago
I have spend to many hours in Torchlight 1 and I have been waiting for Torchlight 2 so much :P I love Runic Games, because that! xD

shut up and take my reason! :P
ricebox360  +   1369d ago
I deserve a beta key because I've been checking on my email every single day eversince runic games announced they will start sending out invitations. I love these type of games, I have torchlight 1, beaten and still play it from time to time. I also pre-ordered TL2 already. So yeah, I hope i get to win a beta key.
Kyrue  +   1369d ago
I loved the first game, and I'm stoked for the 2nd game. I didn't get into the Diablo 3 Beta, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Torchlight 2!
yuwei095  +   1369d ago
I've played it since it released, and it was freaking awesome. I want this release as much as I want to get the new Diablo 3!
icebug  +   1369d ago
Aw man I wanna play this game! to HELL with Diablo III, I'll take TL2!
voraath  +   1369d ago
It looks like my first comment disappeared. Anyway. I played this at PAX East and now I can't get my fix! You guys who haven't played it yet are lucky!
jaychou  +   1369d ago
i need access to torchlight 2 because i have throughly enjoyed torchlight 1!!! one of best games ever
bobicool  +   1369d ago
Torchlight was an amazing game. Brought good ol' memories. Diablo III is on its way, and I am pretty disappointed by how they simplified everything, I believe they made is more casual friendly. Torchlight 2 seems to be the best of both worlds, and since I need my Hack n' slash fix, Runic Games, I want a beta key...please?
bobicool  +   1369d ago
Torchlight was an amazing game. Brought good ol' memories. Diablo III is on its way, and I am pretty disappointed by how they simplified everything (and made everything so easy), I believe they made is more casual friendly..and console ready. Torchlight 2 seems to be the best of both worlds, and since I need my Hack n' slash fix this month, Runic Games, I want a beta key...pretty please?

mushu  +   1369d ago
I had to handle working with the Runic VP in college so I deserve one! :) Ha Marsh! <3
platypusrme  +   1369d ago
I really enjoyed Torchlight 1, and am very excited to see another entry in the series.
Pinkamena_Diane_Pie  +   1369d ago
I want to lay waste to an untold number of monstrosities, then sit down and admire all the powerful and beautiful loot there is to be had! /)o3o(\
ldurham  +   1369d ago
I need to be in the beta because I need something to do between basketball playoff games.
TheRichMan  +   1369d ago
Want dat beta key! Gotta say the game looks great so far, hopefully u guys are my saviors!
zen2011  +   1369d ago
I want this game so bad i love the diablo creators and this is made by them..and id loveeeeee to play this

please choose me !!!
zen2011  +   1369d ago
I want this game so bad..has explained the post i put the avatar :) please give
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   1369d ago
i love you.
Syraseth  +   1369d ago
I love beta testing games, have been for many years. Also excited about Torchlight 2. I enjoyed the first one, as well as Diablo, and similar games.
Fox_Mamba  +   1369d ago
I played all of torchlight and love the game to the core...I would really want this beta key pretty plz.
ilikecookies  +   1369d ago
I have a profound love for torchlight because its so close to diablo. When I saw torchlight I absolutely fell in love with it because it was so similar and I felt like diablo 3 was never gonna come out. I've since been addicted to torchlight since day one!
Gxray  +   1369d ago
I've been looking forward to Torchlight 2 more than Diablo 3!
NFGaming  +   1369d ago
Co-Op Torchlight 2 will make some great Live Streaming. Must compare D3 and T2 Betas.
coldmochi  +   1369d ago
Gimme some Cow Light Troth!
kybarsfang  +   1369d ago
I would love to get into the beta because I've been waiting years for the next Torchlight and I don't want to have to wait any longer!
neptern  +   1369d ago
Playing torchlight 1 and loved it.Preordered T2 as well but still wanna try it first.
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masterencore  +   1369d ago
Give me a key.... :p
def  +   1369d ago
Looking forward to creating new modifications with TorchED. The editor was amazing and the video documentation really helped newcomers modify stuff in the first Torchlight. I can't wait to create new content for T2.
Brownghost  +   1369d ago
wanna try something new and torchlight is what people and some of my friends have been talking about
Nuclearwinter  +   1369d ago
I don't need the beta, with D3 coming out in 4 days and all. Though I loved the first one and you can never have too many dungeon crawlers.
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