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moccorongo  +   1207d ago
This beta key would be very much welcome since we dont have a official release date for TL2 yet and I've given up on buying D3 because of TL2, so I dont have anything to fill up the void in my heart. I played the first one, already bought the pre-order and Im really depositing all my happiness on this game right now, I'm a empty person without it, so PLEASE! All mighty random algorithm, find some compassion in your chaotic heart and select me!
geartester  +   1207d ago | Funny
I'll have to play that Princess Jasmine class. :)
turnerdc  +   1207d ago
I need it because I'm awesome.
leetality  +   1207d ago
I fell in love the moment I saw Torchlight being developed by the old team behind Diablo, Mythos and Fate. I anxiously awaited it's release and stalked the forums quite frequently, reading up on everything I could about the upcoming ARPG and MMO they had planned for the future. While many criticized the game for it's flaws, I appreciated what it was with an open mind as I knew it was just a teaser of what's to come.

I could see the potential it had and when they announced the sequel I was ecstatic. Everything was being improved with fresh new classes and co-op! I preordered as soon as it showed up on Steam.

I can't wait for this game and a beta invite would make my year.
xluckydawgx  +   1207d ago
Torchlight 2 > Diablo 3
zorgon  +   1207d ago
I need to get into the Torchlight 2 beta so that i can get some relief from my two children (3 and 1.5). :) They are killing me.
Sykohippy  +   1207d ago
I cant wait to play this game it looks AMAZING! A beta key would so make my time with it a even prouder moment. See you guys there!
laryjoe77  +   1207d ago
Because I need to decide on whether to get Diablo 3 or not.
rpena1448  +   1207d ago
I cancelled my preorder for a certain game coming out tues. about a certain underlord to commit to Torchlight. From what I've heard about the first Torchlight it sounds more like my kind of game. Please choose me for a key lol
dragonopt1  +   1207d ago
Loved the first one and looking forward to this one as well, key me!
CommanderWTF  +   1207d ago
Good luck to everyone.
DanTheGoodMan  +   1207d ago
I loved TL1, and am Looking forward to multiplayer action with TL2
thefirerises  +   1207d ago
I want into the Torchlight II beta because I prefer the more traditional experience it offers over the simplistic design of Diablo 3. Blizzard seems to have abandoned almost all aspects of player choice into character development other than what gear to wear. Besides, I need something to do while I wait for The Dark Knight Rises to come out.
Trufflez  +   1207d ago
pumped 100's of hours into Torchlight 1 and I'm looking forward to pumping thousands into Torchlight 2!!
Apocwhen  +   1207d ago
Really looking forward to the game. Pre-ordered on Steam and hoping it will be a good rival for Diablo 3 and provide a good mix of gameplay.
Aaxxandum  +   1207d ago
Bought Torchligt ( the original ) Got kinda dissapointed when i noticed no multiplayer functions, but still completed it with all classes. Been waiting for Torchlight 2 since i heard if was in the makings !
idolater  +   1207d ago
I got first game few days ago and played 30 hours so far.I cant buy d3 for now and even though i have torchlight 2 i need a beta key to play.Simply i need a key because i cant wait until release.Also i wanna see how my pc handles the game.
idolater  +   1206d ago
I just got a key from runic thanks for the giveaway and good luck for everyone.If you registered for runic account check your mails.
Gambles  +   1207d ago
Awww Torchlight 2, the modder's alternative to D3. I cannot wait, I hope to get into the beta and best of luck to everyone :).
Chikara  +   1207d ago
I really liked the original, so I want to give the sequel a whirl.
MysticMystic  +   1207d ago
Despite my love for Torchlight, if I manage to win a key I will reluctantly hand it over to my wife and let her dictate when I can have a turn.

I really would love to get her addicted to this game so that we could have some memorable co-op sessions.

Crossing fingers!
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SockeyBoy  +   1207d ago
Have Torchlight on PC and XBLA, so many hours getting all the achievements and so many hours enjoying this game. So excited about TL2!
Leoncitoarg  +   1207d ago
I enjoyed Torchlight (1) since the first time I played it. What else can I say?

Some familiar stuff if you ever played the HERO series made me play this game and I LOVED it.

I made my friends play it and they loved it too, we all chosed different characters (I always play rangers) so I picked a Vanquisher and made her a trapsin. ;)

After this I played and replayed the game many many times building all sorts of heroes.

Now that the second part is coming I'm back with it and willing to end this game one more time.

The ember is so... I mean... torchlight is so luring.
Crispy_Steak  +   1207d ago
I absolutely loved the original Torchlight and have been pining for a long while to play another ARPG of the same caliber that has a developer who loves their fans (and especially has mod and offline support.)
jhen87  +   1207d ago
I've never played Torchlight, but I've heard great things about it.

Aaaaaand my dad kind-of looks like my Torchlight avatar...
TheChainsawPanda  +   1207d ago
I want in because I freaking love Torchlight. As in romantically. I will marry it someday.
sirchomp  +   1207d ago
Love Torchlight 2, want to try the beta, need that key. I NEED IT :)
Hombow  +   1207d ago
I love playing Tochlight and all the different mods available for it. If I get a chance to play in the Torchlight II beta I would love to steam it live right away.
aawells07  +   1207d ago
I turned alot of friends onto Torchlight that hadnt heard of it and now we are all eagerly awaiting the next one.
viperboy0612  +   1207d ago
I need beta!! I've been waiting since Torchlight 2 was first announced that it was actually happening!
asdfsafe  +   1207d ago
This game is going to be better than Diablo 3; looking forward to it.
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