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Damiz  +   1296d ago
Can't wait to see multiplayer in action with such an awesome ARPG!!
adpemo  +   1296d ago
I need it or I will die! ;D
luzzuru  +   1296d ago
I love TL1 and i wait TL2 from 1 year!
otaviopadovani  +   1296d ago
Please RNG be on my side this time. I want to play this game so bad.
Sp4rkR4t  +   1296d ago
Torchlight was a taste of a superb game and absolutely everything about Torchlight II screams that this is the game complete, already pre-ordered and just cannot wait any more. PLEASE LET ME IN!
GermanFrost  +   1296d ago
I want a Beta Key because i want to play it since the first Release Date was Announced and waiting since then.
eldhixon  +   1296d ago
I need Torchlight II beta key because I feel a darkness around me. Please save me from the darkness !
Cloudywoudy  +   1296d ago
really want to try this because I know this will be better then d3
Ero  +   1296d ago | Funny
Im spending too much time with my wife! I need something to fix this! DAMN YOU RANDOM GENERATOR IF YOURE NOT PICKING ME!
JamesBrain  +   1296d ago
This game is the awesome. I need this key.
ForsakenScuba  +   1296d ago | Well said
} else {
Fat Chance}
jaum86  +   1296d ago
I need one of those DDD:
Hoggarth  +   1296d ago
The original was great. Adding everything Runic has on II is going to make it absolutely killer!
enel  +   1296d ago
torchlight 1 was one of my favorite games :)
anoobis360  +   1296d ago
i would love to get into the beta, been following runic and torchlight 1 and 2 from the get-go and i would love to show my support and test their game and give them valuable feed back in there beta test. all ready got acopy pre-ordered cant wait its gonna be fun!
TavoPatton  +   1296d ago
torchlight is the best game ever , i cant wait for playing torchlight 2 .
RobertDevious  +   1296d ago
I don't really NEED in the Torchlight II beta, what with Diablo III in only a few days. But I would very much like to check it out.
darkparadise  +   1296d ago
Torchlight was one of the most awesome games ever. And I have been in alot of betas & this one is one that truely looks exciting..

but most importantly, I could get my wife to make you cookies. (i might eat them though)
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Cat  +   1296d ago
It's the thought that counts
feelingz  +   1296d ago
i love the colorful world of torchlight,i spent many many many hours in this game and im so lookin forward to play torchlight 2, so a chance would be awesome to be part in the beta phase
Masterzior  +   1296d ago
Played a shitton of the first game, would love to see what the secound one has to offer
andrea89ita  +   1296d ago
I have to finish it before world ends!
Froh  +   1296d ago
The first one was a blast ! The second will be a blast too ! My early support should pay.
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rwschris  +   1296d ago
I want to hit things with wrenches.
Sturmgurke  +   1296d ago
Always work and no Torchlight2-Betaplay makes Jack a dull boy.
PurpleMango  +   1296d ago
Torchlight 1 was an exelent game, can't wait to play TL2. Shortly even preordered it with buch of friends. And it would be more than dream come true to get to play it before the release.
NamineXIII  +   1296d ago
TL2 Beta
I really want to get into the beta because I LOVE Torchlight 2. I stood in line for PAX east for 2 hours only to get cut off just as the expo hall closed and never got a chance to play the game :(. So I really would love a beta key. I played and still play the first game often. I have about 60 characters I've been through so far! Please! I really want to play this game.
DigaumSpider  +   1296d ago
I need the beta because I have no social life, might as well spend idle time with this pure awesomeness slice of heaven!
REYV6925  +   1296d ago
Well, I would really love to get into the Torchlight 2 beta as I have had an addiction to Isometric top down Arpgs since the original Diablo and have continued this addiction with games such as Baldur's Gate series, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale series, Arcanum, Diablo 2, TQ, so on and so forth. I am really excited about future prospects in this genre such as Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, Diablo 3, Torchlight 2, and Krater. All of them look promising and will offer me countless hours of enjoyment and a definitive lack of sleep over the next couple of years :P
Angusk  +   1296d ago
Love the first Torchlight, and am really looking forward to playing the sequel. Id love a beta key
trollet11  +   1296d ago
It is my turn!
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