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Godmars290  +   1417d ago
2-3 days up and no comments? No criticisms or agreements? Is everyone forgetting this after watching Smudboy's videos?
WitWolfy  +   1415d ago
Good read, I do agre with Jack's cinematic, at first I though CANT WAIT TO USE THIS CHARACTER to find out she was the same as the rest lol
coolbeans  +   1415d ago
I don't remember Jack's cutscene very well in ME2, but I don't think your ME1 examples really apply. Since the Geth accompanied Saren on Eden Prime, there's reason to believe some of them could've removed traces of a Reaper or him being there. Forensic Science? There's no bullet casings in ME1 and no other reasonable way for me to believe how Shepard could've caught a Spectre any sooner.

While the Racnai are mentioned sooner than the sub-plot in ME1, it's your decision to investigate the species further in the codex or dialogue options.

Edit: Enjoyable read btw
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Godmars290  +   1415d ago
Using the contemporary examples of current police or astronaut procedure, there would be the Normandy's scanner recordings, their own suit recordings - the same kind that was used to reveal Saran as going rouge - as well as the guy he killed. And though the deactivated nukes aren't exactly proof pointing towards Saran, they were the measure the Geth were using to remove proof. Why would they bother with anything else?

Also, while there's no bullet casings in ME, weapons do have energy profiles. Show certain and identifiable signs of damage. And as standardized as things might be, there are likely differences between Geth weapons as well as the weapons of the various organic races just like there are differences between types of handguns, rifles and machineguns. The dead Specter who'd been shot point blank from behind would have been as telling as a spent casing.

And yes I'm mostly speculating here, but its the kind of speculation that specifically pokes at plot holes. Asks why a space cop doesn't seem to be doing what a regular beat cop would which is secure evidence.

I'll give you the Racnai because its a small nitpick, but Bioware still could have done it better. Given the reveal some mystery and value to the following scene which explains them within game context, but then they were probably thinking in terms of a shooter rather than an RPG.
coolbeans  +   1415d ago
I applaud that reasoning for Saren (+bubbles). I didn't even consider any of those details. I'll give you the suit recordings, but I can't fully agree to the weapon profile part. Although this is speculation, who's to say a Spectre didn't steal a Salarian pistol prototype?

Regardless, thanks for replying with those examples (I didn't watch vid so not sure if that's all on there :P). I guess at the end of the day we still need to consider story/narrative/etc. depth is still in its infancy, but critical sci-fi analysis like this can keep future writers on their toes.
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coolbeans  +   1414d ago
Edit in first reply: I meant to say 'videogame story/narrative/etc. depth'.

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