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Broadcastorm  +   1303d ago | Well said
I am definitely Warper. :)
Clown13  +   1302d ago
I'm Frag all the way, nothing better than an explosion except an explosion of bodies!
meetajhu  +   1303d ago
I'm in!
Adamalicious  +   1303d ago
ShAkKa  +   1303d ago
I bet you won't win.
Cat  +   1303d ago
Agreed ;)
TenSteps  +   1303d ago
ShAkKa  +   1303d ago
I guess I'll be a Warper then.
No-Entry  +   1303d ago
I take it there's some history between you two? Share with the rest of us.
Rage_S90  +   1303d ago

They used to be bitter rivals on our very own N4G forums, they had intense and fiery battles, until Tenstep eventually got banned. Now the blodbath spills onto the main page.

OT-Warper because i too am Tensi's sworn enemy. This man once tried to dismantle my "TMAN Army".
TenSteps  +   1302d ago
As you can see No-Entry, the threat that I pose to those two children (Rage and Shakka) is very strong. They have to tag team me just to even have a hope of out-interneting me.
ShAkKa  +   1302d ago
Ahh... The gang up card again. So predictable.
TenSteps  +   1302d ago
It's true though, just sayin'
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1303d ago
Warper! (:
PapaPins  +   1303d ago
Definitely a Warper. It's just a unique way to travel.
Robe24  +   1303d ago
Warper for sure.
madara0sama  +   1303d ago
Frag. Explosions.
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turokgames  +   1303d ago
Warper over here.
vahsol  +   1303d ago
I am definitely a Warper, man!
Spacecataz  +   1303d ago
Frag. I like to blow stuff up.
coolbeans  +   1303d ago
I'll go with Warper :D. Cat should award me with 2 additional entries for my sweet Shins av.
AuToFiRE  +   1303d ago
hmmm, definite fragger
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Fixlarz  +   1303d ago
I'm a warper. Don't like killing all them helpless scientists ;D
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enfestid  +   1303d ago
Warper, by far.

But I still kill -- I just don't frag (what the game considers a frag, at least). I like flinging bodies and dropping them off ledges :)
Berserk  +   1303d ago
Frag :(
death83x  +   1303d ago
someguy101  +   1303d ago
I would warp
Joephc  +   1303d ago
Warp right over and pick me.
fallensniper77  +   1303d ago
FRAGGER! Definitely a fragger (even though warping is kinda fun) (:
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Alien1Tech  +   1303d ago
I would Warp any day of the week!! :D
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Arnon  +   1303d ago
Pretty much a "warper" I guess. Takes a lot more skill to not kill the foes in just about every game made.
yoyolo  +   1303d ago
Warping is the best!
Fragger2k8  +   1303d ago
I am most definitely a Fragger. Haha. =P
metalgod88  +   1303d ago
I'm a warper! :D
KingItachi  +   1303d ago
I'm definitely a Warper
Sumoomoo  +   1303d ago
I am for sure a Warper! :3
admiralvic  +   1303d ago
TaxExemption  +   1302d ago
Warper, it's so much classier
GAMExxOVER  +   1302d ago
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