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majiebeast  +   1371d ago
You forgot pc gaming is also dead since 2000 according to the (expert's).
Joule  +   1370d ago
Well it's true, PC gaming is dead in the ground.
raytraceme  +   1370d ago
Yes that's why pc gaming profits are at an all time high.
gaffyh  +   1369d ago
@raytraceme - That's because of all the zombies, they love PC games.
hellzsupernova  +   1370d ago
aw man but ive just switched back to pc gaming :(
r21  +   1371d ago
good post, but the second last paragraph, who is this 'they' you're referring to? gamers, nintendo, the journalist?
TopDudeMan  +   1371d ago
The same "people" he mentioned at the start of the sentence who claim nintendo is playing catch up, I'd imagine.

And I'll second that. Good post.
r21  +   1370d ago
thanks for clarifying :D
@tehpees hopefully, they dont get more ruffled up. thanks for the great read.
Bil  +   1369d ago
Considering her DP, I guess its "she" instead of "he", just sayin
tehpees3  +   1371d ago
lol nice find ;)

Its supposed to be the "experts" writing that stuff. Basically the same people I dedicated the article to :P
TenSteps  +   1371d ago
This generation has been the generation where I felt people "experts" get a hard-on for Fear Uncertainty and Doom.

I can still remember 07-08 PS3 is doomed articles.
f789790  +   1367d ago
They caught up with modern journalism. DOOM!
Christopher  +   1370d ago
***That is what industry analysts and video game journalists are saying.***

No, that's just what people say to get hits.

Analysts don't say doomed, they talk about the forecast of the product and how much money they see it making in comparison to money spent.

Game journalists, at least the ones you can call as such, do comparisons of hardware and software to determine how well something is doing.

Random people on the Internet who can afford a domain and can install a WordPress blog app on it say doomed.

The problem is, people seem to think these people are game journalists and deserve the same level of attention as the other two groups above.
IM_KINECTED  +   1363d ago
Didn't Pachter just release something saying the Wii U wouldn't save Nintendo? As for people on Wordpress, you have to get a start somewhere, those people could very well be the "experts" of tomorrow.

I believe we've had a very high level of negativity towards gaming as a whole this past year, that includes the experts on the so called "real sites".

I actually find better reviews and stories on the sites you are trying to crap on.
Christopher  +   1363d ago
He meant from their declining sales, not from them being doomed to total failure. He also mentioned that 3DS growth and new IPs on it are showing a sign of growth in the device, which was also needed to keep the device strong in the market.

He's not saying doomed, he's saying that this won't be the element to bring Nintendo back up to where it was at the height of the Wii.
PCE  +   1370d ago
Funny thing is, the Wii U is far more focused on the core gamer and less on the motion control gimmicks than its predecessor, yet the saps on the internet still hammer on the system for being gimmicky. People are idiots.

I already own a Vita since before launch and am interested in the Wii U. It somewhat resembles the DS, because you have two screens, one on the controller, which is a touch screen, and your TV. Nintendo could possibly release a 3DS Player accessory and have the 3D function available for those that own a 3DTV, or just bring the original DS games to the virtual console.

Neither the Vita or the Wii U are doomed. The 3DS had a slow start, with doom articles to boot, but now it's selling by the millions. Nintendo quickly recovered from its drought. And Sony's systems tend to have a slow start but pick up later in its lifecycle. PS2 was no different.
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mamotte  +   1369d ago
Yes, it's really funny. A touchscreen is a bad thing en a Nintendo console, it's just a gimmick. Put it on a Vita, and suddenly it becomes the best creation from mankind since porn.
mttrackmaster38  +   1369d ago
I don't know where you've been, but I still see plenty of people who think the Vita's touchscreen is a gimmick.
FredEffinChopin  +   1369d ago
There is a reason that you're the only person trying to draw that parallel; it doesn't make sense. Touch controls for video games make sense on portable machines and phones. To use a tablet as the primary controller for a home console is gimmicky.

Nintendo SAYS that the Wii-U is far more focused on the core gamer. We haven't seen exactly what is going to be on the plate yet, but we have seen the controller, which does not look like something that's designed to appeal to the core console gamer. It looks like something that's meant to recapture the Wii audience that came in droves and then bought no games.
sikbeta  +   1369d ago

And that's why the Vita is doing so well, right?

MmaFan-Qc  +   1367d ago
@sikbeta why? thats because its just been released on the market worldwide, and there's no Monster Hunter available in japan yet.

thats why.
TheColbertinator  +   1370d ago
Hardcore gaming will never die out no matter what "journalists" may think.

The Vita,Wii U,3DS and the other next gen systems will be all right.
sikbeta  +   1369d ago
Wii-U and 3DS are backed by Nintendo franchises, the only thing that saved the 3DS was that and the price drop, now the Vita is another thing, it doesn't have a chance in this day and age...
TheColbertinator  +   1368d ago

Sony will keep it afloat.

In Japan,Vita will simply get the new Monster Hunter or more Dynasty Warriors to keep their Eastern market afloat.

As for the West,Sony hasn't even mentioned their first holiday line up so don't count the out.
Yangus  +   1370d ago
Yes good post,but i think Vita and Sony trouble.Look japan sells Vita....yet catastrophe....and minimum one year not coming japan killer app games.

MGS multi.
DQ Nintendo.
MH Nintedno.
FF multi.
RE multi.
Max Power  +   1368d ago
Your MGS multi example doesn't hold much weight, nor does your MH, DQ, and RE. The FF did come out of nowhere, but it wasn't like it was an exclusive from the beginning, the only reason they were on Sony products and not Nintendo was because Sony made a system that used CDs while Nintendo opted to use cartridges.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1370d ago
This is the best thing i have ever read on
Series_IIa  +   1369d ago
You need to pay more attention to your address bar.
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bwazy  +   1370d ago
Whatever, once I have Guild Wars 2 I won't have a care in the world.

Also, bad 2012 joke?
Play2Win  +   1366d ago
Somehow funny, somehow sad :)
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gumgum99  +   1369d ago
B-B-But Gaming "is" Doomed! :P
Ethereal  +   1369d ago
I agree. Half these people have no idea what the hell they or talking about or anything about the industry in general.
susanto1228  +   1369d ago
I don't know about consoles but PC is nowhere being dead

I'm running PCsX2, Dolphin emulator, NIN 64 emulator,
have everything Crysis, Dragon age 1,2, Every PC SPlinter cell
I have, All Assasin's creeds, most of Bioware's games, and over 50 other games installed on my Asus G74...
My desktop is a Thermaltake SUper GT case
With Core Ij 2600k running at 4.5 GHZ
Nvivia 570
16 GB Ram
4 TB's

PC gaming Will never die....right now with about 800 you can build a pretty decent rig and if you have 1400 you can get a monster of a system..
Whitefox789  +   1368d ago
I'll say two things:

1. Bloggers/Analysts don't know jack about the gaming market they just want another Dreamcast scenario to happen (God d@mmit Sega I know your hiding Dreamcast2 somewhere!)

2. This article doesn't have enough doom *view accompanying video*

Related video
KrimsonKody  +   1366d ago
How dare you mention the system of which we do not speak of?
I would so shit my panties if there were a Dreamcast2 lurking somewhere!

"Breaking news, Sega to release secret console this fall"

Oh, how sweet, the sound
Rage_S90  +   1368d ago
Good blog, i agree with your sentiment.
Agent_hitman  +   1368d ago
Bloggers and game journalist are acting like fortune tellers, heck they didn't even predicted their fate as individuals, they never know if they will retain their jobs in the next couple of years.

They keep on predicting that those devices will doom, but never realize that they are al vulnerable to doom.. Fvcking sensationalists
SaffronCurse  +   1368d ago
Im so disgusted in this generation with all the hate towards consoles and these "wars".
tiffac008  +   1367d ago
Good blog, I'm tired of all these doom and gloom articles, they've been always proven wrong time and time again.
edgeofsins  +   1366d ago

JK. I love the Vita. The Wii U might struggle as it is not your standard portable console targeted at the console gamers but it looks decent so far. Vita definitely is starting strong quality wise.
joab777  +   1366d ago
There's no way a mobile gaming device today should fail...that is unless they forget who their target audience is. Ppl have begun to accept carrying around a second device that is bigger than a phone but smaller than a laptop. This is great. Gaming is at an all time high. This is great. Ppl are on the money more than ever and technology is stunning. Yes, both great things for the success of the vita. So, what's the worry? I think that the vitas competition is less nintendo and more apple. The ipad 3 is releasing with a quad core processor and 2500x1500 resolution, i believe. And it's no secret that many coders have left big companies to build for these mobile devices. Apple and android may b viable competitors fairly soon. The advantage that they have is that their devices do more than play games& oh how we love to have everything at our fingertips. I spend 90% of my time on a phone or tablet, as opposed to my pc Now, as a hardcore gamer with two consoles , a smartphone and a tablet, why do i need a vita? Because it's awesome. Yes. But, when i am at home, i play on my consoles. When i am on the go, i hve to have at least my phone with me. So, why do i need 3 mobile devices. I don't. My point, if i even have one, is that i hope the vita builds itself up into an entertainment device so that i only need 2 mobile devices. Believe me, i think gamers would love to have a vita with an android market etc. That way i don't need an ipad. I can watch movies, play stupid little games, used a million apps a day and then pop in golden abyss. It could literally b the future of gaming. Notjust mobile gaming....gaming. In the future i see a device that can b hooked up to my TVs, then unplugged and brought anywhere. On it, i can watch music, movies, use apps, and play the best games. I know the vita has many of these features and i hope it coninues to grow since sony already has deals with these companies.

Then, they can begin to market this amazing device to everyone, not just hardcore gamers. Ppl will buy it for their kids instead of an ipad. They will buy it for themselves. Sony, your competition is apple, not nintendo. Make it happen.
BubloZX  +   1366d ago
suprisingly the ipad 3 is sticking with a dual core. abd what you keep forgetting to realise are phones are for casual gaiming only. phones with ten times the power of the first psp still dont get awesome games like the psp because developers would not see a huge return on mobile devices. and with no deticated game cards where are you going to put games like Uncharted, mario, or Halo at? And with keyboards and touch-screens poor for gaming it wouldn't work. The vita has shown me so far that I can get everything in one. cellphones are good for everything but intense gaming.
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joab777  +   1366d ago
I agree. I am not making the point that the ipad is a better gaming device for hardcore gamers. What i am saying is that the vita which i think is awesome, could be better and rrach a wider audience of it included something like an android market. This way gamers, who bought a gazillion copies of cod, halo, uncharted, could get the benefits of an ipad in a vita. If this were the case, no gamer would ever have to make a choice etc.

And free to play models do allow companies to make money. And it's strange but sometimes charging less will actually generate more money and reach a broader base. And the Ds has proven that unique controls do sell well.
BubloZX  +   1366d ago
Oh your right about the vita needing a more reliable app type of market. Waiting for the psn market to update its app section is pretty lame. The vita also needs to make the back touch pad more useful for games like UMvC3, I cant abuse advance guard with the lack of l2 and R2.
LFC1EE  +   1365d ago
Agree to some extent but if ms release early then they are certainly right who would want an outdated system????
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A7XfangoDeathbat  +   1357d ago
I dont think gaming is doomed. gaming just needs to be cheaper. the price matters. if it is high, less sells but higher gain per sell. but lower price, WAY more sells, but low money per sell. the last one is better. reason is more mony in the end. i think, personally, that Sony should make a ps portable that has all the controls of a controller on a ps3 system at home. that, people would buy.

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