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redDevil87  +   1553d ago
The only ninty fanboy on the forum, who barley posts, wins and a diehard xbot also wins. . .

*kills self*

(congrats though)
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coolbeans  +   1553d ago
Edit: Disregard this reply.
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WildArmed  +   1553d ago
exactly what I was thinking.
Achtung barely posts and still manages to win

hahaha, anyways congratz
Achtung  +   1553d ago
You should be happy for me you basterds!!!

@red devil

Call it karma
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WildArmed  +   1553d ago
lol, but now we won't see you for another 6 months once you become eligible to win the forum lottery again -.-
Megaton  +   1553d ago
You're just going to spend it on bad Wii games, aren't you?
Achtung  +   1552d ago

If that gets you in your nerves... then yes
LordMarius  +   1553d ago
"diehard xbot also wins"

what? what have they done to you?
TheDareDevil  +   1553d ago
It's the sign that the reign of the Playstationeers over N4G is finally coming to an end. Muhuhahahahaha!!!
Hufandpuf  +   1553d ago
Thanks N4G, I love this site and the community! I try to contribute as much as I can!
redDevil87  +   1553d ago
Maybe you can contribute by splitting the $100 gift card with the rest of the community?
TenSteps  +   1553d ago
Don't listen to red you don't have to split that $100 with everyone just give me a quarter since I'm such a nice guy.
GunofthePatriots  +   1553d ago
my user review for dark souls was better -_-
ShAkKa  +   1553d ago
This sh!t is rigged, man.
Christopher  +   1553d ago
Only when it comes to you, otherwise it's totally legit :D
ShAkKa  +   1553d ago
Damn it!
news4geeks  +   1553d ago
I agree, Cat fixes it so that lighthearted trolls like me don't win.
coolbeans  +   1553d ago
I'd like to thank the n4g users who voted for me and hope you enjoy my next blog(s)/user review(s).
despair  +   1553d ago
wow, I won something? *looks for the flying pig* thanks N4G...
Mr-Dude  +   1553d ago
WOw thank n4g! I was utterly amazed....
TheRot  +   1553d ago
man i never win anything.
Brownghost  +   1553d ago
same here -_-
Rage_S90  +   1553d ago
Sh*t's rigged yo!
SeraphimBlade  +   1553d ago
I'm REALLY surprised considering I got precisely zero feedback when I posted the review. Though now I'm getting $100 in feedback. Thanks guys!
TheColbertinator  +   1553d ago

Nice work on your victory,glad to see a fellow Persona fan getting a prize.
Odion  +   1553d ago
You know the forums are a real ripe area to win, come be active, and you have a way better shot then the random lottery for the front page!
TheDareDevil  +   1553d ago
I win!!! Boo-Yea! Thanks N4G.

And yeah, Odion's right. Very few people post in the forums.

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