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zeal0us  +   1421d ago
Personally I'm just playing ME3 for the SP experience, I might be willing to try the multi-player. Hopefully the MP is a start to get the Mass Effect MMO into process. If ME3 was never delayed, I don't think multiplayer would probably been added to the game. I think the extra time/delay gave Bioware extra time to work on MP for the game.
I would of like to played different races in the SP, too bad Bioware didn't do something like DA1, where I could switch between characters.
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TopDudeMan  +   1421d ago
"Possible dragon age 3"?

Sorry, I think that's pretty much a given. Did you see that ending?

As for the co-op, I think it's a good thing, they did say it won't ruin the single player and I don't see how it could be a bad thing at all.
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Christopher  +   1421d ago
I wasn't saying that Dragon Age 3 wouldn't happen, but that I might not buy it, new or otherwise.

Also, I know it won't ruin single player, as commented above, but that it's a slap in the face to offer up something so unique as playing other races/classes to just a mode that requires you play with at least one other person.
SolDojo  +   1421d ago
Oh, your a mod. No wonder you have 87 thousand bubbles.

Also, yeah, I really wish I could choose my race in SP...
Godmars290  +   1421d ago
Much like multiplayer, you'd think Bioware would hold off allowing you to play an alien main character until a new game in the series.

I mean who doesn't want to play Blasto who has a blaster on every tentacle and a woman in every port.
jb1276  +   1419d ago
I dunno if I heard right in the video - but it seemed to mention that playing the multi-player vaguely effects the single player ending...

right around the 2:05 mark - I don't keep up with all the ME3 news but seems interesting
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