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Criminal  +   1506d ago
Hi Cat,

I was just wondering if we can donate less than $24 to the N4G team? I know we wouldn't qualify for the swag this way.

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Cat  +   1506d ago
Of course! Imagine if every N4Ger gave $1?!?!? It would be huge.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1506d ago
I joined, been putting it out on my Facebook and ask people to donate, but no sponsors yet ): hopefully will get at least one person before its over
WildArmed  +   1506d ago
Let's hope more people join!
(or donate!)

I'll be doing both come this Friday.
(well I already joined, but now to donate some monies coz no1 wants to sponsor me lol)
Christopher  +   1506d ago
I'll be starting on Friday night and Saturday morning with some PS3 video gaming, following up more on Saturday with some face-to-face D&D gaming, and into Sunday with more PS3 video gaming.
Cat  +   1506d ago
I think I'm going to start by tackling my Pile of Shame - inFAMOUS 2 still hasn't been played!
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