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zeal0us  +   1272d ago
It would probably been better to just wait and buy the device, when the game you wanted came/come out.
SilentNegotiator  +   1271d ago
3DS is probably going to be the sort of system that I buy at the end of its generation. While buying it early on or even midway would probably bore me, there would at least be a lot of great games by the end.

Instead of waiting for some more decent games to release, I would be digging into a satisfying back-catalog of games.

Besides, in this well, century, I'm not exactly thrilled about a game system that excludes things like a second control stick/nub. I'm not going to bother with a lot of my favorite genres using the touchscreen or lock-on or whatever.

And I really don't want to re-buy the classics just to be 3D and portable. I'm by no means AGAINST remasters and re-releases (I've purchased many), but I only want to play the ones of games that I haven't played yet.

Not even the known future titles entice me. The Super Mario title looks incredibly mild compared to the likes of 64 and Galaxy. They put Luigi's Mansion 2 on the worst possible system for it in terms of controls, when the best possible system for it (the Wii) did not get it. I've already played Monster Hunter with poor camera controls on the PSP, I'll wait it out for a Vita title with the dual sticks (built in)...

I'm not trying to be too harsh on the 3DS, but it just isn't looking like a system for me. From the fundamental issues like there being only one control stick, to the games, the best of which have been remasters so far.
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Pozzle  +   1271d ago
I'm surprised anyone would buy a console before games they're interested in are released, tbh. Not only do consoles get cheaper as time passes, but what's the point in buying a console if none of the games you're interested in are released yet? There's always the possibility they will get pushed back (or even canceled alltogether) and then you might end up with a console and no games.
-Alpha  +   1272d ago
Shoulda waited, but I'm excited to pick one up. Love Nintendo exclusives
soundslike  +   1271d ago
I'm a fan of supporting the protection of endangered species too.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1272d ago
Im waiting for the Vita, that's not to say the 3ds is not good it's just the lineup of the Vita grabbed me.
plmkoh  +   1272d ago
Fair enough that you're annoyed at the lack of software, but in under two months time Mario games should be out.
ABizzel1  +   1272d ago
I'm disappointed and I got my 3DS after the $169 price drop, and on top of that dropped down to $100 thanks to trading in my original 3DS lite.

It's a nice handheld, but:

1. There's nothing good/new to play still.
2. The battery really is as bad as the reports claim.
3. It doesn't always charge on the dock, you have to unplug and wait.
4. It seems like a DS, with a graphical upgrade to gamecube graphics with 3D.
5. There's talk of a new model coming out with the 2nd nub.

The 3DS had potential, but Nintendo's execution was horrible.
theonlylolking  +   1272d ago
No other good games! Did you forget about nintendogs!?
zero_gamer  +   1271d ago
Nintendo should've waited for a better launch lineup, a system that consumes less battery power, and getting the design straight by adding a secondary analog nub (since now they decided on the importance of one). It has been over 6 months since it's release and still no definitive Mario or Zelda game. Greed got the best of Nintendo and launched the system early, with a sticker shock, in hopes for the masses to eat it up.

6 months since its release, but yet the hype train didn't leave the station. It is very difficult to believe this system will be as successful as the predecessor.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1271d ago
the games will come WHO CARES I got my 3DS AND I'm also waiting I know the games are going to come so I don't care the games will be here sooner or later.
GreatTeacherOnizuka  +   1271d ago
sell it to a kid who does not know any better.
that type of technology deserves better games in which case it doesnt.
lizard81288  +   1271d ago
I've had one since launch, and have 0 games. The games I wanted got pushed back, and well, MML3, got canned. Oddly enough, I don't know If i want to buy Cave Story 3D now. It doesn't feel worth $40 when you can beat it in an hour or two.

Nintendo let 3rd parties go 1st, and they did nothing with it. People are waiting for good games before buying one, but Devs/pubs are waiting for more sales on 3ds, so they are holding out, which isn't making anything better.

Anyway, The games will come out. However, If I was Nintendo, I would have held off until the holiday season to launch it.
TopDudeMan  +   1271d ago
I'm happy playing ocarina of time on the bus every morning and I' gonna get mario and sonic generations when they come out. Might get monster hunter. Will definitely get the real pokemon game when that comes out. Will definitely get a Final fantasy remake if/when that comes out. Might get some other games. Add all that up and that's a lot of time spent gaming on the bus.
yabhero  +   1271d ago
real pokemon in 3d will sell 3ds's like candybars
kcuthbertson  +   1271d ago
So true...
wingman32x  +   1271d ago
I'm buying a 3DS tomorrow and I can't wait. I know what I'm getting. I've played the thing 3 times and am well aware of its flaws. There's two reasons why I'm buying one. The first is Ocarina of Time 3D. I am a massive OoT fanboy. The second reason is that I need a new DS anyway, so why not spend a little extra on the next system. So to me, getting a 3DS makes since on a number of levels. There's games coming down the pipeline, and I'm sure Nintendo will get their act together. I stood by the PS3 when people were dooming it, and I will do the same with the 3DS.
PsycheMax  +   1271d ago
Luigi's Mansion can't be played without the second analog... :)

And, IMHO, the 3ds isn't yet "ready" for the market. They're Cash Cowing the DS fame.
TrickisDcnc2011  +   1271d ago
I waited for my 3DS for a few months got it at £99.00 0n offer (Didnt have to trade anything in it was just 99 brand new with no catches :))I ve so far only got one game for it sf4 and waiting for other games like mario and luigi's mansion. I wouldnt say its a waste of money its a good console with alot of potential, its only problem is that its in the market that been owned by its main competition (The DS itself)So its lack of good games to start with has made it a bad choice to buy in its early stages but give it a few more months and it ll get much better.
Canary  +   1253d ago
I think most people who own a 3DS regret that purchase. Given the lackluster hardware, game library, and anachronistic digital-distribution system, it's hard to find much to love. In the months since I bought my 3DS, I've probably spent about 5 times as much time with my DSi XL.

The 3DS own problems wouldn't be so bad if it were as good or better than the older models at playing DS games, but it's got a smaller screen than the DSi XL ~and~ the DSi. And the DS Lite? Can't remember that one. The point is it's tiny.

So you've got underwhelming hardware, a disappointing software line-up, and then the constant barrage of bad PR resulting from mind-numbingly stupid decisions Nintendo has made this year (no localization of big 3 Wii, 3ds price drop right after launch, analog add-on for 3DS, etc., etc.) and, quite frankly, it's impossible for an objective consumer to look at his or her 3DS and NOT think it was a poor decision.

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