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snowb420  +   1596d ago
I'm slightly confused. Do I just play and N4G pays, or what?
Cat  +   1596d ago
You've got options - you can join the team (or another team, or as an individual) and you just game! You get a link to your page like and that's where people can donate towards your personal goal. Money they give to you on your page goes to the hospital of your choice! (and counts toward the team's goal)

Or, you can just donate to someone if you don't feel like gaming but want to give!
snowb420  +   1596d ago
Well I registered, thanks for the info.
WildArmed  +   1596d ago
Don't feel like gaming?
Cat  +   1596d ago
Nice! Welcome snowb420, skv007, and Criminal! (@skv - I know, I know, "don't feel like gaming", on the off chance someone wandered onto N4G by mistake? :D )
Criminal  +   1596d ago | Well said
Basically, the N4G staff will spend 24 hours straight to play games in support of a great cause; we can support them by donating and/or joining in to keep them going. We donate.

On topic, things like this make me proud to be a gamer. I'm in.
SilentNegotiator  +   1595d ago
"2. Closing date is 15th October 2011"

So I can sign up really close to the date? That's good, because I can really only do this if I have off of work that day and the day after (for sleep).

Hope I can participate. There's nothing more sad than someone dying before they get a chance to live a full life.
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Cat  +   1595d ago
Don't stress about getting your game time in on the 15th - nobody is going to be at your door checking. It's still in the spirit of the marathon and fundraising if you get your hours in at another time!!
SilentNegotiator  +   1595d ago
True, but that's no fun. I'd rather do the 24 hours along side everyone else :)
JL  +   1595d ago
I, like Cat, won't be doing the 24hrs on the 15th. First off, I'm just too old to be sitting and gaming for 24hrs straight. And I work through the weekend. So, it would be impossible for me to game all the way through that Saturday.

It's much more likely that I'll split my time up between the few days prior to that.

Or, another option is: my "weekend" is actually Monday-Tuesday, those being the days I'm off work. So, I could maybe squeeze in a 24hr session there. Or at least a couple 12hr sessions.

P.S. Cat, if I split up my time and the Marathon-Donation Police show up at my door, you are so paying for my bail :P
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Theo1130  +   1596d ago
For some reason I'm assuming this only pertains to playing on consoles.
WildArmed  +   1596d ago
Nay, it's also for Steam / Rift / and others!
Cat  +   1596d ago
And mobile and board and D&D, Farmville? It's time for Theo to give in and embrace his inner gaming-for-charity gnome.
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WildArmed  +   1596d ago
I'm in :D
WildArmed  +   1596d ago | Well said
Also, if I don't get any sponsors, I'll make it my personal goal to donate 20$ from my pocket.
ISKREEM  +   1596d ago
I like that idea, I'm going to do the same.
fear88  +   1596d ago | Well said
Count me in. Im always good for a charity.
-Mezzo-  +   1596d ago
I wish i had a Debit or Credit Card to Donate & participate. =[

All i have is cash.
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ISKREEM  +   1596d ago
Anything for charity! :)
LostDjinn  +   1596d ago
I'll cough up some cash.

On the condition that you (Cat) play Zero in the game of my choosing. If you win I'll drop $50. If Zero wins it'll be $25. I know it's wrong to give different amounts based on the outcome but Zeros' tears are worth more than yours to me.

Do we have a deal?

P.S.- You'll have to promise that you both try to win though. Zero throwing the match won't impress me so I think you'll have to record some footage of this particular challenge and post it up for all of N4g to see.
Cat  +   1596d ago
We have a deal if you give every team member $100 regardless. HA! :D Charitable conditions, zany.

10 members strong and counting!
LostDjinn  +   1596d ago
Don't push it lady!

Edit: It's good to be back. (For me I mean.) ;)
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Cat  +   1596d ago
Yeah, I'm gonna tell you what I told UnSelf: Just come game with me. Or give us all your money.
TriangleOffense  +   1595d ago
Ive been registered and generating as many donations as I can on my own for a few months now.

This is a great event and Im happy to see other gaming sites and communities finally getting on board with it.
wynams  +   1595d ago
I am down! Thanks for putting this together n4g/Cat/others!
Cat  +   1594d ago
Awesome! We're on a roll - 15 team members strong and 13% of our goal!!

edit: welcome to the team, Shani!
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FrustratedFury  +   1592d ago
We got Mike(PaladinXII) over at doing 24 hours as well. Great fun for a great cause.
Shani  +   1591d ago
I am in. I don't know if I can do 24 Hrs straight since I am starting my shift next day and I have to go to different city for that.
I will try to squeeze 24 Hrs between Oct.12-14 or Oct.12-15.
bgreene110  +   1580d ago
yeah awesome childrens hospital in st. louis has saved my sons life on more than one occasion and bent over backwards to help him and my wife no matter what i'll be gaming for the whole 24 hrs

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