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Bigpappy  +   1546d ago
I'm in.
WolfLeBlack  +   1546d ago
I honestly don't think the games that great. I've played about five levels as the Warrior, and it's just a basic hack and slash with a bit of loot chucked in.

I'm away to try some other characters out shortly to see how they feel.

But, in the games defense, I'm currently playing singleplayer. so I'll have to get on and give co-op a blast
Cat  +   1546d ago
Bummer - I do think the charm lies in whaling on enemies with a buddy, and I know my preferred buddy isn't always available!
WolfLeBlack  +   1546d ago
Yeah, with friends it'll be fun, but I couldn't recommend it as a singleplayer game. Time to head online and see who's playing :)
Christopher  +   1546d ago
Sure, don't go full in and say you're a pink wizard, call it cerise *wink wink nod nod*

Pink is always evil.

As for the game, I am a bit disappointed it's a multiplayer focused game since I don't tend to play online. Would have loved to play it a la Trine, but not every cool looking game can be for me *pouts*
Cat  +   1546d ago
Try not to alienate my audience ;)

Agreed, it can be harder to get a good co-op game going and that really is the best way to enjoy this one!

(I did get to play Trine 2...<---teaser?)
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Christopher  +   1546d ago
And why didn't you post that preview first? You're not catering to the needs of your insane moderator staff, Cat. *tsk tsk*
Cat  +   1546d ago
Because now you know about cerise and my evil!

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