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Dramscus  +   1601d ago
Yes you are pretty much right, though it will be less of a hand helds coming to dominance thing and more like home consoles and portable devices merge into one unit. It'll probably be right near the point where they can give it wireless hd out.

I mean with how technology is advancing it'll just be one unit that you can take with you or play at home with a controller.

Really we're almost there alreahy with the pspgo's bluetooth function and ds3. Now imagine a proper version of that with the NGP, now the next step after that's looking like what we're after.

I think we will definitely see a ps4 and the next portable after ngp will be ps5/psp3.

Nintendo is bound to follow a similar route though they will probably be a bit behind as they look like their comfy with their handheld just being a handheld.

Microsoft isn't in portables yet but with the text version of xbox or more likely the one ofter they could lean towards portability. It seems a little late in the game to put out their own handheld device with the imminent (in business years anyway) merging of consoles and portables.
longcat  +   1601d ago
With the NGP heading to market with the ability to bring a true FPS experience to handhelds (2 amalog sticks), things are set to become very interesting.
Winning  +   1601d ago
Not my future. Do not like small screens.
TheDivine  +   1601d ago
Yes it is we dont need big home consoles anymore (well in maybe 7-8 years but soon). We will be able to play ps3/360 quality games on a portable to always be with you, when u get home plug it n your tv and its a home console. Thats where the ngp f'd up is no hdmi out. I acually see apple doing this with the next ipad if theyre smart, it can already run console quality games if they make it for just the ipad not for all ios devices and the ipad 2 already has hdmi out so all they need is real games on there. The psp did tv out but is dated badly, once the portables get to 720/1080 i wont care about consoles, that will keep me happy until theres a real huge breakthrough and leap in hardware and software.. My 2 cnts.
Dramscus  +   1600d ago
your going to play games on your ipad with a fifteen foot hdmi cable sticking out of it?
Bimkoblerutso  +   1599d ago
That's an interesting idea, but there would be a lot of problems to work through. You have to consider things like local multiplayer and bloated size when you start including all the standard features offered by home consoles.
theonlylolking  +   1600d ago
It will play a major part in gaming but it will not be more important than pcs, or home video game consoles.

The 3ds has zero amount of 3d. I have played it and there is no 3d at all.
lex-1020  +   1599d ago
Let me ask a question to what you said.
1st was the 3D actually turned on?
2nd. Do you know what 3D means in gaming. 3D in the gaming realm doesn't mean that things pop out at you. It adds depth to the screen. So instead of seeing things against a flat background you see the things, the background and the space in between the things and the background. To simplify it looks like there distance between the main object and a background object. If you want a really good example of this go play Super Street Fighter 4 3DS, with full 3D on. It's really quite impressive when you get it angled correctly.
bwazy  +   1599d ago
You got trolled hard dude.
itsralf  +   1600d ago
I purchased the Motorola Atrix 4G a few days ago, and I've been wasting a lot of time using the PS1 emulator and playing various games from the market. Modern Combat 2 on Android is fxcking sick. It's the first mobile phone game that has seriously impressed me. For touch-screen only controls, it's pretty tight. EA needs to bring the iOS Dead Space to Android.
subtenko  +   1600d ago
That pic should be showing the ngp, not a fake xbox handheld. phones are getting more advance. Theres this one new phone out that ijustine showed off on g4tv (i hate g4 now and like the old days better btw) and the phone looked and played incredible! That and the iphone 4, alone with other phones have great games on them so far. Not NGP quality yet, but they could get there in X number of years.
lex-1020  +   1599d ago
I agree that for this generation the NGP would be the appropriate picture. However the reason I choose a fake xbox handheld is because I feel it symbolizes the point of this Blog post. The picture represents something that possible in the near future but does not exist quite yet. At with a mobile gaming take over.
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