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coryok  +   1604d ago
if the next nintendo console (cafe) doesnt require the use of some elaborate control mechanism than its going to give life to the current gen of consoles also.

while the specs that we have of the cafe may have more graphical power than either x360 or ps3, its not so much that its going to stop 3rd parties from making ports of their cafe games for ps3 or 360.

so if cafe takes off and does well its likely that neither the ps3 or xbox will suffer much if at all from the release. i think theres still quite a bit of life left in both, though more in the ps3 as i think microsoft will want to end early so as to put more pressure on sony
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Brettman2008  +   1604d ago
I think the next gen consoles will be released in late 2013. They won't want to give a Nintendo a big start and this will still give them ample time to make some serious money from the current gen consoles. In late 2013, the Xbox 360 will be 8 years old and the PS3 7 years and I think both will be supported until about 2015.

I think also that Nintendo have a fairly difficult job ahead of them to try to gain back the core gamers who were pretty much deserted with the Wii. The on-line services also needs to drastically improve as well as their relationship with third party developers. And I think their massive Wii install base is not as persuasive as it sounds, a lot of these gamers are casual gamers who won't have a particular allegience to Nintendo and won't necessarily move to the new Nintendo console. for their new console. I just don't think that Microsoft or Sony are that worried about Nintendo, they see no need to rush out their next gen consoles as they know the obstacles that Nintendo faces with their next console.

However, I see Microsoft and Sony putting a big effort into E3 to try and overshadow the Nintendo reveal. Microsoft will push Kinect hard to attract the casuals whilst putting some effort in retaining the core gamers. Probably business as usual for Sony with them focussing on their many exclusives. I see price cuts for the Xbox 360 and PS3 but not til sometime closer to the launch of the new Nintendo console in 2012.
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chazjamie  +   1604d ago
I wish it would though. I hate how multiplatform games peform on the ps3.
--------  +   1604d ago
I have to agree with you on that one. But first party exclusives? Simply awesome.
theonlylolking  +   1604d ago
Sony playstation products have a 10 year support cycle where sony continues to support the console for 10 years. That does not mean they wont release a new console before the 10 years are up.

Kinect is rumored to be compatible with the next xbox so M$ could release the next xbox and get sales from the 360, kinect, and new xbox.

Rage and skyrim push no graphical levels. Skyrim has just a lot of stuff to render since there is a huge world while rage is 60fps.

Nintendo will push sony and M$ into the next gen. I can easily see M$ releasing a new xbox within 2 years. Sony will probably be the last to make a move but once M$ announces a new xbox, sony will announce a new playstation. Why? Because Sony does not want the same thing happening with the 360 and PS3.

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