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BiggCMan  +   1670d ago
Good luck to everyone!
Tazz1992  +   1670d ago
Yes! i love these contest on N4G.
AuToFiRE  +   1669d ago
ok, if i dont win those headphones from techspy, i am so winning them from the forum lottery, i need those headphones to drown out the bad thigns in life right now, oh god pleasei need to win them
Sidology  +   1669d ago
godoftime  +   1669d ago
over here.
-Alpha  +   1669d ago
I knew I should have saved my blogs
Cat  +   1669d ago
I'm sure you've got at least one more in ya :)
-Alpha  +   1669d ago
For a $50 PSN card? Damn straight, I do!
Sillyace92  +   1669d ago
How would one be entered into the daily visit contest?
thebudgetgamer  +   1669d ago | Helpful
all you have to do is show up.
jidery  +   1669d ago
Am i still eligible for winning the blog contest? or is it too soon?
Cat  +   1669d ago
You are eligible for the Blog contest - everyone is.
Armadilo  +   1669d ago
c'mon people were in it to win it
SNEEKZ0NER  +   1668d ago
I hope I win the gamefly one :)
-Mezzo-  +   1668d ago
Just a Question, can the Contribution Contest Winners ask for Pre-Order of a game(If N4G Orders From Amazon), or do they have to be the ones already released.
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Cat  +   1667d ago
I don't think that would be a problem.
Azzeh1  +   1661d ago
ok i just made an account here!!! so is it including me or too late for that?
BubbaLsL  +   1660d ago
N4G has great contests!!
ugabugaz  +   1659d ago
Sounds good!
searchbuzz  +   1640d ago
Its about to end. I wonder who won!
goodnight_7  +   1640d ago
Wow. Just found out about it on the last day of the month

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