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codyjones  +   1792d ago
I am broke as a joke and am pumped for this game!
keklar  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because I'm the only one in my group of friends who doesn't have it yet! Haha. Plus, it just looks like a great game. :)
neo-max  +   1792d ago | Funny
I need Torchlight because heroin isn't doing it for me anymore!
AceLogan  +   1792d ago
I *need* Torchlight because it is a critically-acclaimed masterpiece, that’s not good enough.

I *need* Torchlight because N4G is the bestest site, that’s not good enough either.

I *need* Torchlight because it was actually written by subterranean aliens to defend the Frontier from Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada. I will become the highest-scoring player of the game, after which I will be approached by the game's inventor, Travis Schaefer, who will take me to his alien world. I will be required to loot-whore and defeat hordes to be a WINNER. After I return, there will be a subsequent novelization and an off-Broadway musical of my adventures. However, due to my whoring, a new race will evolve from my unintended offspring, and the Earth will fall into worse shape than when I started, and Torchlight II will need to be released to fix everything I screwed up. So to speak.

Also, me wantee!
SilverSlug  +   1792d ago
I need it because I have only played the demo and I want it!
Hematemesis  +   1792d ago
I *need* Torchlight because I'm in serious need of a new RPG to play.
Guybrush  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight simple because it gives me adrenalin! I haven't had that rush since I beat Diablo II about ten years ago.

jono1086  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because I am lost in this cave and can't find my way out.
DonGiovanni   1792d ago | Spam
Cat  +   1792d ago
Obligatory Contest is Over Comment!


Drawing winners in 3...2...
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