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allyc4t  +   1594d ago
I need this game because I've played the trial 100 times and can't get enough.
bat395  +   1594d ago
I need Torchlight because last night I had a dream that a magical polar bear with wings descended from the heavens and told me that I would play Torchlight in less than a fortnight. He also gave me a diet Dr. Pepper. *sigh* The soda was flat. This means that at least one good thing must come out of this omen... and a flat soda isn`t one of them.
Chronorayven  +   1594d ago
I need torchlight to keep my looting in check and since diablo 3 is not here yet :P
StaticFX  +   1594d ago
I have Played all 3 Fate's to DEATH and I want to play on my 46" HDTV!!!!! not my puny PC monitor!... I need this bad! Please!
Sharkeater  +   1594d ago
For the loot, I need torchlight for the loot.
vdh  +   1594d ago
I need Torchlight because it's the closest thing I'll get to have a true friend. Snif!
Loggy  +   1594d ago
Its not so much I NEED Torchlight as you NEED to give it to me....

Looook into my Hypmo-Eyes... @.@
Looook at them... @.@

Thats goood...gooood!

Now give me Torchlight. And a taco. I'm hungry.
Johnny Jiron  +   1593d ago
Guess your hypnosis worked...damn it. Well congrats.
squidpunch  +   1594d ago
i need it to fill my achievement junkie needs.
rudy1211  +   1594d ago
I *need* Torchlight because I love top down RPG's. Nothing like rolling with your top down (queue the cheesy music). Played the demo on my mac and xbox, loved it. Hope i win!
Johnny Jiron  +   1594d ago
I'd like a code for Torchlight, because its the first of its kind of game that I ever really got into. I always passed on such things, but now I wanna go back to all those games I ignored all because of this game. Sadly I was only able to play the demo since I'm a tad on the broke side...
usluem  +   1594d ago
I need this game because iam jobless i have nothing to be excited about also i have birthday on sunday the 20th please guys
homestarunner137  +   1594d ago
I 'need' Torchlight because I yearn to dungeon crawl for hours on end to only retrieve a bow with one additional attack point.
DesolationPoint  +   1594d ago
I need Torchlight because it needs me. See? It's a symbiotic relationship.

Thanks for the contest!
Bigazzhead  +   1594d ago
I need Torchlight because I gave up crack.
Beserazer  +   1594d ago
I need torchlight because I haven't crawled a dungeon in ages.
gamerguy714  +   1594d ago
I need Torchlight because its very dark here. I figure some Torchlight would be nice and I could see to fend off all these undead things around me.Please help SOS Need Torchlight..PS why isnt the avatar thingy working?I tryed like 4 times and my AV wouldnt change,Oh well some torchlight please.
Volcombrandon  +   1594d ago
I need torchlight so bad because I've been trying to win it from day one and still haven't and I keep playing and playing the demo :/
myabsolution  +   1594d ago
i need torchlight becuz i feel its like playing a dungeon crawler. get some fat loot while playing a fun game :)
DHeff11  +   1594d ago
I *need* Torchlight because the game looks very addictive and well crafted. I also hope the success of this game will bring along Torchlight 2 with co-op to consoles, as well as Diablo. I have been playing games of this genre since I was 10 years old in 95'. I greatly appreciate the chance to win. Good Luck!
x_RadicalAura_x  +   1594d ago
I *NEED* Torchlight because I've always wanted a dungeon cralwer RPG to play on my Xbox 360. I played the trial from Steam on my Mac before it was announced for XBLA and I loved it back then. Unfortunately, since money's tight right now, I wasn't able to buy it. I really want Torchlight!
Frij0lit0s  +   1594d ago
I need torchlight because I likes my loot.
JohnP26  +   1594d ago
Oh you

Please, bai. Love me.
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RonaldRaygun  +   1594d ago
I need torchlight because I haven't played an RPG in almost a year. I need my fix!
Raider69  +   1594d ago
well my wife dont let me go to bed without getting her that dam game!
TheRealSickboy  +   1594d ago
I *NEED* Torchlight for XBLA because I'm an avid gamer and father to five kids under the age of 6, so my game budget is EXTREMELY limited. I love Runic and I've been dying to get my hands on Torchlight, but my kids come first.
Pneub  +   1594d ago
I need Torchlight because I'm short on msp and need mah dungeon crawling.
ancyuber  +   1594d ago
I *NEED* Torchlight for the Xbox because I am currently broke and haven't had a new Xbox game since (Sacred 2) last spring!
lilmetal  +   1594d ago
I need a Torchlight because it's too dark in my cave.
Keep slamming my pinkie toe on the stalagmites.
gritz  +   1594d ago
been waiting for this for a while!
gritz  +   1594d ago
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