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bodybombs  +   1793d ago
rolling ftw
Professor Chaos  +   1793d ago
I don't want Torchlight, I need Torchlight and when you need something it's a responsibility!
n4g_dog  +   1793d ago
As part of an ancient order dedicated to justice and bringing balance to the world, I, a Vanquisher, should be sent out to Torchlight to investigate the mysterious slayings and missing town folks. Unknown to me, the darkness below the small town of Torchlight runs far deeper than the mines beneath - I should be sent to investigate immediately! As an expert marksman, I am able to take enemies from afar as well as use traps to confuse and deliberate my foes from all directions.

The flow of Ember and the darkness below will test the my skill and conviction to the fullest. Send me to Torchlight!!!!
Magnato86  +   1793d ago
ldurham  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because I spent all my money on other games and don't have any more $ for it :(
Goldenarmz  +   1793d ago
i need torchlight because it looks awesssssssssssome
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usluem  +   1793d ago
I need this game because iam jobless i have nothing to be excited about also i have birthday on sunday the 20th please guys iam soooooooooooo boooooooooored
doubled215  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because it is the best dungeon crawler in a very long time!
Syio  +   1793d ago
I *need* to win a code because I already sat in front of a camera with Mr. Bublé for one!!/r...
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moneykid  +   1793d ago
I need TorchLight because I NEED a awesome RPG to spend my time on. Also I want my pet to do the labour of selling my stuff whilst I kill.. muhaha!
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ronaldst  +   1793d ago
I'd love to win Torchlight so we could play comfortably in the living room!
ropes  +   1793d ago
Torchlight is a very fun game on the PC and I would like to also try it on the 360. It is easily one of the most fun action rpgs to come out to in past few years. So drop a copy here and you will make another person that much happier.
BOARBACON  +   1793d ago
I *need* Torchlight for I wasted my money trying to compete with EpicMealTime.
ilRadd  +   1793d ago
I "need" Torchlight because there are very few dungeon crawlers on XBLA & I love a good dungeon crawler!
downsouthtigger  +   1793d ago
I need torchlight because everyone else does, I'm a fool for peer pressure. Plus I hear good things and the trial was awesome!
Zerospartan  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because all of my friends have it. They have said nothing but good things about this game and it makes me mad that i cant afford it.
deejrandom  +   1793d ago
Torchlight runs through my soul. It is a part of me like no other town has ever been. Yes I have visited it on many occasions on my PC but I must, I MUST show my xbox friends the glory of Torchlight. For this purpose i Must win. Nay, I must conquer this once great labyrinth....
Lavagasm  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because I got banned from Halo reach and now I have nothing to do for two weeks.
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louiedog  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because I haven't been able to recapture the feeling I got playing through Diablo II and this may finally be the game to do it.
airhorn95  +   1793d ago
My cousin just got torchlight and continues to boast about it even though I'm the one who told him about it. Please give me a free code so I can join him and maybe even a little boasting payback.
Davetwenty7  +   1793d ago
I want Torchlight so I have something awesome to help pass the time between nightly feeds for my little daughter
Rhu  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because it will help me prepare for the upcoming Torchlight II release I'm so hyped about!
arctic00  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because I am attracted to gaming goodness and Torchlight is good times ten!
arahal88  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because I NEED something good to hold me over until Diablo 3!!
emuholic  +   1793d ago
I need a Torchlight because I am scared of the dark.

EDIT: Oh Torchlight the game, yeah I need that as well :)
mosher666  +   1793d ago
just had a power cut and i need "Torchlight"
jaum86  +   1793d ago
Well i need torchlight cause i got addicted to de pc version and i cant wait for torchlight 2. So until then i would love to play more 100 times the XBLA version gimme more torchlight moooooooooooooooore >___<
Sharkeater  +   1793d ago
I need torchlight just because I know if I won it, that's one other person who didn't. So it's all about spite, really.
foweR33L  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because I need to see its gloriousness on hi-def rather than my puny PC monitor.
JackKnifeZero  +   1793d ago
I need Torchlight because I loved it so much on PC that I want to experience the thrill of diving 50 levels down a dungeon teeming with all sorts of monsters and epic loot again with a new control system on the 360. Also, my wife won't let me buy it. She says I should spend the money on my school bills.
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