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PaladinXII  +   1792d ago
I *need* Torchlight because after just having played Alan Wake, I am naturally attracted to anything that produces light... and pretty graphics... and a well-designed control scheme that smoothly transitions the port from PC to 360.

Mostly I just *need* the awesomeness. :)
Spacecataz  +   1792d ago
I need it because I have no money to buy Homefront or the the new defiant map pack (Halo:Reach). Plus Torchlight is pretty awesome played the trial and loved it.
Thrallia  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because I'm in need of something to hold me over until I can get my Diablo III fix.
BizobbyD  +   1792d ago
I need torchlight because I don't have the money to buy it and it's frickin awesome.
Christopher  +   1792d ago | Funny
Because every good game deserves to be played by everyone, but especially me!
PIMPBYBLUD  +   1792d ago
Because this is the game of the year winner and I'm ready to "Destroy" enemies!
SuicideSnowman  +   1792d ago
Because I'm lusting for some loot and Torchlight would satisfy my desire.

Thanks for the contest.
EronY  +   1792d ago
Theyellowflash30  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight cause I am a RPG fiend! I played the demo and I loved it but I don't have the money to get it. Torchlight hits all the right spots for me! It has great weapons, awesome gameplay, cool customization, great magic, and excellent level design. I have been talking about Torchlight like crazy to my friends about how cool this game is and If I was to get Torchlight I could really show them what this game is about. I need this game to 1. Spread to others how awesome it is. 2, cause I'm broke. And 3, I am a RPG fanatic and there isn't any other RPG's to play right now.
GearSkiN  +   1792d ago
never played this one but i would love to give it a shot! go N4G!
toaster  +   1792d ago
Alchemist is my favorite. Minion master + warrior = win. Forget the staffs, two-hand swords that do 800 DPS and have minions fight for you.
eugaet  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because I'm a huge fan of the PC version and, from what I've read, it retains all the awesomeness but adds in that little chunk of crack called 'achievements'. Must. Get. Achievements.
Also, new pet!
bfenty  +   1792d ago
I need torchlight because I haven't played an XBLA title in a while and want to get back into it...and this game looks like just the game to do it with.
shadokid  +   1792d ago
i need this game because i love rpg games and this game and was upset that i couldnt level up to 8 and get my cool new weapon :/ plus i enjoy the fact there is a pet system and the game is plain awesome, alchemist owns with those mini imps destroying enemies 5 times there height while i back them up with magic, also its funny because by eating a fish your pet can transform into different animals or enemies.
herobyclicking  +   1792d ago | Funny
I need Torchlight because...Ember ain't gonna save itself, I'm their hero. Who has two thumbs and two wands? This guy!
Christopher  +   1792d ago
All I'm imagining is you pointing to yourself with your wands and accidentally searing your face. :p
GeddyThePolack  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because I have absolutely nothing else to pay and I don't get paid until Friday
GeddyThePolack  +   1792d ago
I meant play
hudsoniscool  +   1792d ago
i need torchlight because ive never played it, and it looks awsome.
Ya Boy17  +   1792d ago
I need to have Torchlight bc I love this style of an RPG. I have played all the Diablos and loved every game. I know the Devs are over at Runic now, so this makes me want it even more. I have played the trial version and loved it. It has amazing graphics, and gameplay. Also, I love how you had a pet which it gave a different special twist and feel of the game. I currently do not have enough money to buy it which I know it is not much but I have no job and I am full time college student and athlete, so I have no source of income and my parents currently take care of my school, rent, and other expenses, and the money I do have is more for necessities such as gas and food. So, c'mon N4G help a fellow gamer out to fully play an awesome game.
ferrari005  +   1792d ago
I need torchlight because it is very similar to Diablo and I used to love Diablo and play it all the time. I tried the demo for this game and immediately fell in love, the artwork is amazing, the gameplay is loads of fun and it has all the elements that I loved in Diablo. I feel that this game is well worth the money, I would buy it only if I had the Microsoft Points to afford it, sadly I don't have enough money to buy a Points Card, so if I were to win a free copy I would be very happy. :)
Sidology  +   1792d ago
Vanquisher reporting in.

I *NEED* a copy of Torchlight, because I need to find a way to convince my Diablo-fanatic girlfriend to play Torchlight II with me.

And what better way to do it than to have her play the first game and get her addicted to that? It worked when I wanted her to play Plants vs Zombies.
XANDEO  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight sadly i lost my job and could do with a torch that relights my darkend state and what better way than with an awsome xbla game that could inspire my path to recovery.
JohnFiler  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because i have nothing to play and only 750 MSP left :(
Tyler1210  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because I just spent 2 hours playing the trial last night and I can not get enough! I do not have a good computer so I have never been able to play these types of games :( Finally one of the best come out on the Xbox and I am to broke to get it. It drives me crazy not being able to play it so that is why I NEED it.
arm57rong  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because I love video games. I love Diablo and can't wait to get a hold of a game on console that can compete with it. Plus I like being a hero...Don't get too many chances to do that as a Store Manager of a game store.

But most of all, the reason you should give me Torchlight??

I have Punch and Pie.
Columbo  +   1792d ago
I need a Torchlight code because I need something to pull me away from my Dragon Age addiction. Just 1 more quest. Just one more conversation.

Not sure if I'm eligible, but it's worth a shot.
teraMEL0S  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because looting games are fun and addicting! It's also similar to the Diablo series, which is awesome!!!
mrgerbik03  +   1792d ago | Funny
I need torchlight because I am an alchemist in real life and want to branch out to the fantasy realm.
RatedRLegend  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight because, my destiny is to destroy all that come in my way, while I search thru underground passages, with my dog on my side.
sukru  +   1792d ago
I need Torchlight more, because I want to switch my experience from the PC to the Xbox.
eric813  +   1792d ago
I need torchlight Its awesome, and I'm awesome...It's a Perfect match! N4G4L1F3
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